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What makes a good post?

First off, I think this is a really good post (not this self-referring post, but the post I am about to link to)

Steak Dinner by Alemi at The Virtuosi

In short, this post is about cooking steak and the measurements of the temperature of the meat. Why do I think this is a good post?

  • First, it is just some ordinary everyday event (well, it’s not everyday you get steak). The awesomeness just comes from saying “hey, maybe I should plot this temperature data”.
  • If the post was just about plotting data, it wouldn’t be terrible. But it does something else. It tries to fit this data to some sort of model. In this case correlating the temperature data with changes in oven temperature and opening the oven door and stuff.
  • The post does this in a reasonable amount of space. Not that long posts are bad, but short ones let the reader digest it easily.
  • The physics and the math are essentially at an introductory level. Lots of different types of readers can appreciate this post. But at the same time, more advanced readers could be inspired to think at a deeper level.

Really, I think the best thing about the post is that it shows how to think scientifically. This is how so many experiments start – with “I wonder what would happen if I plot…..”


  1. #1 The Virtuosi
    August 4, 2010

    Thanks Rhett.

  2. #2 Rob (no, the other Rob)
    August 5, 2010

    Agreed Rhett, I enjoy most of the posts of the Virtuosi and they frequently cause me to contemplate. I don’t remember where I heard of their blog, but I immediately added ti to my blog roll.

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