Adventures in Ethics and Science

I don’t know how we’re doing closing the digital divide between rich and poor, but it looks like the divide between humans and cats is getting narrower.

I’m pretty sure the moment when every cat has a webpage of his or her own is one of the early signs of the apocalypse.


  1. #1 Kristin
    February 25, 2006
  2. #2 Unlearned Hand
    February 25, 2006

    No, Dogster is separate from Catster. When they comingle, that’s the sign of the apocalypse.

  3. #3 Ben Williams
    February 26, 2006

    No, no. These…

    …are signs of the apocalypse. Those others, they’re just kitties. Please remain calm and keep your hands away from the felines.

  4. #4 Ginger
    February 28, 2006

    The difference between cats and people is that those aren’t my real friends. My real friends order sushi takeout and forget to clean up afterwards.

    More treats – meow!

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