Adventures in Ethics and Science

The polls for 2005 Koufax Awards are now open! There are 15 award categories, and a good representation of science bloggers (including ScienceBlogsers) among the nominees.

Including (aw, shucks!) “Adventures in Ethics and Science” in the Best New Blog category. Of course, I would be honored if you were to vote for me! (Voting this round is in the comments or via email. Please, only vote once in each category — this isn’t a Front Page poll!)

Here are some of my favorites in the categories in which I’m not competing:

Best Expert Blog:

Best Series:

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition:

I’m not going through the other categories — check them out yourself.

And whether you vote for me or not (please!please!please!), thanks for reading me!


  1. #1 helmut
    March 4, 2006

    Janet – that’s very sweet of you to put Phronesisaical among your favorites. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  2. #2 afarensis
    March 4, 2006

    Thanks for the mention!

  3. #3 coturnix
    March 4, 2006

    Thanks for the mention! It is so hard to choose only one in each category – I wish I could vote for two dozen in each (as I nominated that many to begin with).

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