Adventures in Ethics and Science

Commencement: done.
Grading: not quite.

So, as seen at See Jane Compute, it’s time for the guilty pleasures meme. (And for those who feel inclined to use the comments to get accusatory about my responses, I’m already acknowledging my guilt!)

Here we go:

Four Guilty Pleasures in Books/Reading:
This is a hard question for someone who has to read a lot for a living and who doesn’t actually care much for glossy magazines. The guilt often comes not because what I’m reading is bad, but because I’m supposed to be reading something else.
1. Rolling Stone
2. Amanda Cross mysteries
3. P.D. James mysteries
4. Go Fug Yourself

Four Guilty Pleasures in Movies:
1. Bring It On
2. Shakes the Clown
3. Dead Again
4. The Adventures of Buckeroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Four Guilty Pleasures in Food:
1. Jalapeno poppers
2. Mushrooms and onions sauteed in lots of butter, on a white bun slathered with mayonnaise and horseradish
3. Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies (frozen)
4. Zante’s Indian pizza

Four Guilty Pleasures in Music:
2. William Shatner, Has Been
3. The Donnas (especially their really early stuff)
4. (Tie) ABC/Haircut 100

Four Guilty Pleasures in TV:
1. America’s Next Top Model
2. Top Chef
3. Project Runway
4. Star Trek (the original series)

Four Guilty Pleasures in Booze:
1. Diet Coke with Lime + fresh lime + rum
2. Fresca (the grapefruit flavored default) + bourbon
3. Citrus Peach Fresca + tequila
4. Amaretto sour
If anyone has figured out what liquor mixes well with Black Cherry Fresca, do let me know.

Back with real content when the grades are filed!


  1. #1 Bill Hooker
    May 28, 2006

    4. Star Trek (the original series)

    For shame, that you — a self-described geek! — should put this on a “guilty pleasures” list!

    If anyone has figured out what liquor mixes well with Black Cherry Fresca, do let me know.

    I haven’t done the experiment, but that sounds like a job for a nice smooth vodka to me — Absolut, maybe. Just for something a bit riskier, I’d try it with dark rum, too.

  2. #2 JM
    May 28, 2006

    I love love love Bring it On!!

  3. #3 PZ Myers
    May 28, 2006

    Why should you feel guilty about Shakes and Buckaroo Banzai?

    Of course, I’m personally totally shameless about liking bad movies. That would be a category I couldn’t answer, since there aren’t any movies I feel guilty about.

  4. #4 Janet D. Stemwedel
    May 28, 2006

    The guilty pleasure movies in my list are not films. (It’s true, however, that the Boston Phoenix called Shakes the Clown “the Citizen Kane of alcoholic clown movies”; that ought to count for something, right?)

    My guilt about Star Trek is closely linked to the Shatner ham factor. Also, I like to keep track of how many minute it takes, in any given episode, for the Enterprise crew to violate the prime directive.

  5. #5 Jane
    May 30, 2006

    Oooooohhh, I love jalapeno poppers too! Heck, anything with melted cheese is golden in my book. 🙂

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