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Guest Blogger: Prof. Steve Steve


My adventures with John Wilkins at the PSA meeting in Vancouver continue. Last evening, Wilkins brought me to a reception where I had the pleasure of mingling with a great many philosophers who have made philosophical studies of various aspects of evolutionary biology. Strangely, these minglings were punctuated with camera flashes. Here I am trying to have a word with Robert Brandon as the paparazzi close in on us.


Here I am trying to catch up with Roberta Millstein (who blogged at the much-missed Philosophy of Biology) about her recent move to UC Davis. Once again, some interloper with a camera decided to butt in. How do philosophers manage to carry on a conversation with distractions like these? (Why, for that matter, were there paparazzi in a gathering of academic philosophers?)


Wilkins did his level best to hold the photographers at bay so I could enjoy a beer with Marc Ereshefky, but to no avail. I started to wonder whether some of the people wielding the cameras might be unemployed philosophy Ph.D.s, but it seemed impolite to ask.


Finally, though, with the help of Egenis director John Dupre, and an aperitif, I was able to hatch a plan to avoid spending the rest of the evening in the camera’s eye. We summoned Wilkins, appraised him of the plan, and finally drove away the paparazzi with some loud panda vocalization:


Having frightened away the photographers, we were free to partake of conversation and the reception refreshments, which included steam-tray mashed potatoes:


and lobster-bisque shots:



  1. #1 PZ Myers
    November 4, 2006

    Geez. Ol’ Steve Steve is showing his age since he visited me. I think he’s put on weight, and look at those dark bags under his eyes.

    This flitting about the globe, and all the alcohol, is taking its toll. We may need to stage an intervention.

  2. #2 Roberta Millstein
    November 5, 2006

    Steve Steve,

    It was great to meet you. Sorry those flashing cameras interrupted our lovely chat. But at least we have the photo to remember the occasion.


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