Adventures in Ethics and Science

The inaugural edition of Scientiae, the new women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics blog carnival, has been posted at Rants of a Feminist Engineer. Skookumchick has assembled an impressive array of posts dealing with joys as well as frustrations — go check it out!

Also, the 55th Skeptics’ Circle is up at The Second Sight, and the skeptics think they have your number. (You don’t believe me? Click on the link and find out for yourself!)

Bonus after the jump: See what kind of frog I am.

I'm a Budgett's Frog!

So ugly, it’s cute! Budgett’s Frogs, named after the explorer who discovered them, are large carnivorous South American frogs. They can grow to be 5 and a a half inches in size, but since they aren’t very active they can be kept in a small 10 gallon aquarium. Their tank should be kept around 86*F and they cannot be housed with other animals because they will try to eat anything that moves!

What kind of Frog are you?



  1. #1 Super Sally
    March 2, 2007

    Me, too. I did NOT think we were that much alike, but given the either-or-questions, I guess we fall into the same category.

    Has anyone (you know) come up with a different type?

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