The Best Google Maps Hack

For all you runners and cyclists out there, I give you a toy you’re sure to enjoy: Gmaps Pedometer.

Ever had a ride or run you wanted to do, but weren’t sure how long it was or the elevation change? Enter Gmaps Pedometer. It works with the Google Maps interface, by far the best online maps application. You tell it where you want to start, enter checkpoints by double clicking, and that’s it. It tells you mileage, elevation change, and you can save your routes.

There is a website that has good information on local rides in my area, but it gets boring doing the same routes every time. I started mixing and matching different rides and exploring new routes, but I was always unsure about the total mileage until I completed the ride and checked my odometer. Now, I can design a new ride, and then decide if the mileage and climbing are appropriate before hitting the road.


  1. #1 Sandra Porter
    November 4, 2006

    Thanks! I love this! We’ve been playing with it all morning and it’s so much better (although less math intensive) than my old method – print the map, use a string, measure the string with a ruler, convert to miles.

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