The Discovery Institute‘s Evolution News and Views blog neither reports news on evolution nor offers interesting views. One of their bloggers, Casey Luskin, is notorious for misunderstanding and misrepresenting science — which is par for the course at the Disco. Casey recently decided to attack a piece published in National Geographic on the evolution of complex structures written by Carl Zimmer. Carl just so happens to be among the best science journalists writing today; his work is both accurate and easy to understand.

Carl wasn’t going to take Luskin’s inanity lying down; he’s responded to the Disco’s critique here. A critique which, by the way, included the line, “Was the Ford Pinto, with all its imperfections revealed in crash tests, not designed?” That quote represents a high note in intellectual discourse for Casey Luskin and his Disco buddies. And that’s pretty sad.

So, I’ve decided Casey Luskin is in need of a Google bomb. If you have a blog or other website, link to Carl Zimmer’s blog post using the text Casey Luskin (like so). If enough people do it, the first hit in a Google search for “Casey Luskin” will return a link to Carl’s post rebutting the moron.


  1. #1 J-Dog
    November 20, 2006

    True Dat dog! I would bring up the potential negative that your intelligently designed plan to thwart his meanness may turn him to the darkside, but since he works for the DI, it is plain that he has made his decision, and now must live with the consequences.


    It couldn’t happen to a better weasel.

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