To Slippery Rock!

As a professional mathematician I get to visit a lot of scenic tourist destinations. Like Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania! I’ll be giving a colloquium talk to the math dept. at Slippery Rock University tomorrow afternoon. The topic? The Monty Hall problem. Surprise!

See ya when I get back.


  1. #1 ftfkdad
    March 30, 2011

    Prof. Rosenhouse : Was wondering if you had ever heard of the Chudnovsky brothers (or met them?!), written about in the book “Panic in Level 4: … Journeys to the edge of science”. They are two russian born geniuses who built a supercomputer in their apartment in New York with the aim of finding the order in Pi. Believe they won the Macarthur prize (?). It’s a great story!

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