Gene Expression

Apropos of my earlier post relating to heritability…this is the sort of confusing gibberish that ends up making it into the press, Professor researches genetics of gambling. He tries to clear up problems of communication:

This quote has been misconstrued. In the logical development of any investigation of the genetics of a disorder, once something is shown to run in families and appears to have some heritable component, molecular genetic approaches follow. Studies can be done with small numbers of DNA samples, as I propose doing, but definitive studies require thousands of DNA samples. I doubt such an ambitious undertaking will take place for many years.

Good luck on getting nuance across to the press. All the while, genetic association studies will continue.


  1. #1 Richard Sharpe
    March 28, 2006

    The fact is that we all must engage in risky behavior at one time or another.

    Having sex is risky business, as is entering a relationship.

    Moreover, males are more prone to engaging in risky behavior.

    What appears to be happening here is that some individuals are less able to appreciate the downside of certain risks, perhaps for genetic reasons.

    I would guess that being male is a risk factor, and that it is negatively correlated with IQ 🙂

    In that case, women could help to reduce the incidence of this problem by choosing more intelligent … oh, yeah.

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