Gene Expression

A friend of mine emailed me that he scored a 21 out of 107 on the full list of Stuff White People Like. I thought it was a little tedious to count, so I wrote up a small script which counts it up for you via the checks you make. Below the fold….


#107 Self Aware Hip Hop References
#106 Facebook
#105 Unpaid Internships
#104 Girls with Bangs
#103 Sweaters
#102 Children’s Games as Adults
#101 Being Offended
#100 Bumper Stickers
#99 Grammar
#98 The Ivy League
#97 Scarves
#96 New Balance Shoes
#95 Rugby
#94 Free Healthcare
#93 Music Piracy
#92 Book Deals
#91 San Francisco
#90 Dinner Parties
#89 St. Patrick’s Day
#88 Having Gay Friends
#87 Outdoor Performance Clothes
#86 Shorts
#85 The Wire
#84 T-Shirts
#83 Bad Memories of High School
#82 Hating Corporations
#81 Graduate School
#80 The Idea of Soccer
#79 Modern Furniture
#78 Multilingual Children
#77 Musical Comedy
#76 Bottles of Water
#75 Threatening to Move to Canada
#74 Oscar Parties
#73 Gentrification
#72 Study Abroad
#71 Being the only white person around
#70 Difficult Breakups
#69 Mos Def
#68 Michel Gondry
#67 Standing Still at Concerts
#66 Divorce
#65 Co-Ed Sports
#64 Recycling
#63 Expensive Sandwiches
#62 Knowing What’s Best for Poor People
#61 Bicycles
#60 Toyota Prius
#59 Natural Medicine
#58 Japan
#57 Juno
#56 Lawyers
#55 Apologies
#54 Kitchen Gadgets
#53 Dogs
#52 Sarah Silverman
#51 Living by the Water
#50 Irony
#49 Vintage
#48 Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops
#47 Arts Degrees
#46 The Sunday New York Times
#45 Asian Fusion Food
#44 Public Radio
#43 Plays
#42 Sushi
#41 Indie Music
#40 Apple Products
#39 Netflix
#38 Arrested Development
#37 Renovations
#36 Breakfast Places
#35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report
#34 Architecture
#33 Marijuana
#32 Vegan/Vegetarianism
#31 Snowboarding
#30 Wrigley Field
#29 80s Night
#28 Not having a TV
#27 Marathons
#26 Manhattan (now Brooklyn too!)
#25 David Sedaris
#24 Wine
#23 Microbreweries
#22 Having Two Last Names
#21 Writers Workshops
#20 Being an expert on YOUR culture
#19 Traveling
#18 Awareness
#17 Hating their Parents
#16 Gifted Children
#15 Yoga
#14 Having Black Friends
#13 Tea
#12 Non-Profit Organizations
#11 Asian Girls
#10 Wes Anderson Movies
#9 Making you feel bad about not going outside
#8 Barack Obama
#7 Diversity
#6 Organic Food
#5 Farmer’s Markets
#4 Assists
#3 Film Festivals
#2 Religions their parents don’t belong to
#1 Coffee


  1. #1 razib
    September 7, 2008

    scored a 35.

  2. #2 Adam
    September 7, 2008

    Twenty. You’re whiter than me Razib.

    /me checks skin color again.

  3. #3 John S. Wilkins
    September 7, 2008

    14. Honest. Some of that may be put down to my not being American or living in America.

  4. #4 agnostic
    September 7, 2008

    25. I reserve the right to refer to you as “honkey” in the future.

    you and your wine bars.

  5. #5 razib
    September 7, 2008

    /me checks skin color again.

    race is a social construct.
    raise your consciousness.

    (now 37 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. #6 Sandgroper
    September 7, 2008

    7. Honestly.

    I must be even less white than Wilkins.

    Actually it should be 6 because bicycles and coffee are really the same box.

  7. #7 canis
    September 7, 2008

    42 out of 107, but the mullet lets me know I’m still the wrong kind of white person.

    Still, in the university/urban area where I live, I know or have seen several dozen people who look exactly like the bearded hipster that pops up at 107.

  8. #8 Christopher
    September 8, 2008

    12 out of 107 Stuffs White People Like here. And I’m half-white/half-Filipino, so maybe that’s it.

  9. #9 Peggy
    September 8, 2008

    Wow, only 21. It doesn’t seem that “white people” includes unhip 40-something suburbanites. (And does enjoying 80s night count if I don’t think of the songs as “oldies”?)

  10. #10 michael vassar
    September 8, 2008


  11. #11 Ponder Stibbons
    September 8, 2008

    32. (Non-American, of Chinese ethnicity.)

  12. #12 michael vassar
    September 8, 2008

    my wife is 45

  13. #13 Scott
    September 8, 2008

    16 out of 107

  14. #14 Mike Keesey
    September 8, 2008


    I win! IN YOUR FACES.

  15. #15 G.D.
    September 8, 2008

    42. But then again, I am a European meaning I have no idea what e.g. “Sarah Silverman” or “Wrigley Field” are (I presume it’s because I’m European), and such things as “Oscar Parties” or “St. Patrick’s Day” and more are utterly foreign to me – and “Religions their parents don’t belong to”; not sure I know anyone who actually is religious, nor any parents who are, so it seems rather irrelevant. I’m from a Northern European city, you know.

  16. #16 razib
    September 8, 2008

    foreign people: understand something, you aren’t agents, you aren’t ends, you’re *means*. you exist so that White People (that is, americans) can get to know you and say they’ve visited your countries so as to show how cosmopolitan and world-traveling they are. your countries also exist to illustrate how well social democracy can work in conversations which White People have amongst themselves at parties where they jockey for the most Enlightened White Person position. you are the fields of elysium.

  17. #17 Pelio
    September 8, 2008

    46 – I kept trying to resist but I really love all the things I checked off.
    Getting high, then eating expensive sandwiches and drinking coffee with my gay friends in Canada while watching the Daily Show – Best Day Ever.

  18. #18 Scott
    September 8, 2008

    You should put a “hate” option on all those since things like “Dinner Parties” and “Self Aware Hip Hop References” I hate worse than dental work.

  19. #19 razib
    September 8, 2008

    yeah, and it could remove 1 point.

  20. #20 Stefan
    September 8, 2008

    61 – do i get a white guy prize?
    Of course, I’m going to suggest I was more honest than some of the other folks who got lower scores.

  21. #21 Thony C.
    September 8, 2008

    Shit! I made my favourite number 13.

  22. #22 Thursday
    September 8, 2008

    47. But hey I’m Canadian.

  23. #23 Micky
    September 8, 2008

    65 out of 101.
    I am European, so some things I have had to transpose to a British or continental equivalent.
    The irony? I am actually half-white half-black. But being raised in a nearly all-white environment probably explains it.
    So yeah, race is far more of a social construct, even though we use genetic traits to tell one from another apart.

  24. #24 chris y
    September 8, 2008

    Yeah, having trouble finagling it to reach double figures, but then I’m an elderly (white) European. Perhaps the category should be revised to Stuff Characters from Questionable Content Like.

  25. #25 Nancy Lebovitz
    September 8, 2008

    28, for whatever that’s worth.

    New Balance shoes are crucial– they’re the only ones that are wide enough for me. What brand(s) do everyone else with wide feet wear?

    Anyone have a theory about what the point of that quiz is? I can generate three or four, with no certainty for any of them.

  26. #26 Terry
    September 8, 2008

    I’m eighty years old and got 20,and don’t live in the US. What does that tell you? Nothing.

  27. #27 Vt
    September 8, 2008


    Canadian living in Europe

  28. #28 Genuinely Doug
    September 8, 2008

    I scored a whopping 13 of 107. Perhaps I should reconsider my ethnicity?

  29. #29 valhar2000
    September 8, 2008

    This is not stuff what people like, it’s stuff new-age eno-hippies from well-off backgrounds like.

    I’m from Spain, and that list would appeal to the sort of people we call “progres” (contraction of “progresistas”, which at some point probably meant the same thing as “progressive”, but has since diverged somewhat).

    Given that, I knew more than a few people here who would score very highly. They wouldn’t watch Stephen Colbert, because that is american TV, which is part of the Hollywood conglomerate, but other than that…

  30. #30 JohnD
    September 8, 2008

    Well even though I don’t score many on the list my picture is on the site on so I still must count as pretty white! It’s so weird to find a picture of myself like that.

  31. #31 Liz Ditz
    September 8, 2008

    44 — and I’m a middle-aged, lifetime suburban, white woman. I think the “hate option” would give a more accurate score.

  32. #32 Dave Munger
    September 8, 2008

    33, which apparently makes me an Asian guy with a mullet.

  33. #33 David Marjanoviฤ‡
    September 8, 2008

    foreign people: understand something, you aren’t agents, you aren’t ends, you’re *means*. you exist so that White People (that is, americans) can get to […]

    That must be it, because I don’t even understand maybe half of the options.

  34. #34 csrster
    September 8, 2008

    Yeah, I’m confused too. Why is it white to like having bad memories of high school?

  35. #35 yttrai
    September 8, 2008

    33 of 107.

    I think credit should be given for things i’ve never heard of or ever experienced firsthand ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. #36 Eric Lund
    September 8, 2008

    24/107. I’m a 40-ish white guy in a small town.

  37. #37 Cracker that Crawled out of the South
    September 8, 2008

    Since I never hit the curiosity threshold to go through the site and take inventory, thanks for the punchlist.

  38. #38 Pierce R. Butler
    September 8, 2008

    12, and I’m as pale as an Irish-American can get without having pink eyes.

    Do I get to subtract a point for not recognizing the wimp at the top of the page trying to do a Rasputin imitation?

  39. #39 Richard Eis
    September 8, 2008

    48 out of 107, and i would get sunburn off a halogen lamp.

    Clearly given the pathetic scores so far, we are the “wrong” kind of white…lol

  40. #40 Patricia
    September 8, 2008

    Que paso? Por que tengo 41?

    Oh, well, guess the assimilation process has started to set in.

    Resistance is futile! Sci-fi reference, just gave myself another point.

  41. #41 Doug Alder
    September 8, 2008

    17 but a couple were really stretches so 14/15 more likely, and my heritage is Swiss50% Scots25% Irish 25% :)

  42. #42 Jason Malloy
    September 8, 2008

    9. Shout out to Sandgroper. (hmmm… is “shout out” a self aware hip hop reference?)

  43. #43 ben g
    September 8, 2008

    scored a 14. two thoughts:

    1) it’s near-impossible not to check some of these things. “T-Shirts”?

    2) anyone notice that the people getting the highest scores so far are Canadians and Europeans?

  44. #44 SusanC
    September 8, 2008

    23, but I’ll ‘fess up to being exactly the sort of person this is making fun of. On my next trip to San Francisco, I’ll be sure to admire the Transamerica Pyramid, visit Castro street, and eat sushi in a Japanese restaurant. Might even have time to fit in a yoga class :-)

  45. #45 Barn Owl
    September 8, 2008

    Hilarious script, Razib, very clever. My score was 39, which is actually rather low, compared with guesstimated scores for most others who attended my grad school alma mater (if they were honest).

    Who doesn’t like San Francisco, anyway? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. #46 Kelly
    September 8, 2008

    Ok, I’m the whitest person I know, and I scored 17.

    Maybe I was wrong about myself. Either that, or you’re wrong about being white.

    Now I’m not so sure…

  47. #47 Tomas
    September 8, 2008

    Top to bottom: Girls with Bangs, Free Healthcare, Music Piracy, The Wire, T-Shirts, Study Abroad, Juno, Dogs, The Daily Show/Colbert Report, Wine, Traveling, Tea, Barack Obama. Total 13. White Czech male.

  48. #48 jaakkeli
    September 8, 2008

    If you think T-shirts are impossible not to tag, you clearly haven’t read the entry and you’re still under the horribly mistaken impression that a T-shirt is just a T-shirt. T-shirts are actually the most devious form of oppression white people have brought on swarthy folk. You see, it’s very easy to tell the quality of a T-shirt so you can instantly tell if the wearer has money to spend or, since flashing wealth is often too tacky for white people, extra time to waste on hunting an ironic vintage T. That’s why white people love T-shirts.

    I really have only one obvious white trait: I don’t have a TV and I like to tell it to people. I rather liked Arrested Development back when I did have a TV, though, so I guess that’s 2. (I assume that grad school means liberal arts, marijuana means believing that it’s the most useful and divine herb on the planet instead of just a bit of fun for kids and so on.)

  49. #49 Eileen
    September 8, 2008

    SWPL was a cool concept, but the actual site was half funny, half lazy-assed. This checklist was all that was ever needed.

    9, for a Metis Canadian.

  50. #50 John Emerson
    September 8, 2008

    25. The test has nothing to do with white people, just a kind of liberal yuppie. This town is 97% white and I estimate the local average score at 10.

  51. #51 omar ali
    September 8, 2008

    26! Punjabi from what is now Pakistan. but a “i hate this” choice would have led to a negative score….

  52. #52 Randall Parker
    September 8, 2008

    9: I had to really reach to get that high. I checked Facebook because I’m on it. But it seems pointless and a waste of time.

    I do not know who these people are: Michel Gondry, David Sedaris, Wes Anderson, Mos Def (a band?).

    Threatening to move to Canada: It is too cold up there unless you move to BC.

  53. #53 StuV
    September 8, 2008

    7. And yet I glow in the dark. Hmm.

  54. #54 Feynmaniac
    September 8, 2008

    Hmmm, 24 out of 107. Considering genealogically I’m ~65% white (this is an estimate, there is too much damn mixing in Latin America to say for sure). So I should have scored about 70. Also, I am Canadian and based on the answers here, and common stereotypes, I should be even whiter.

    P.S. I don’t see race. People tell me I’m Latino and I believe them because I have trouble at the border every time I enter the US (yes, Daily Show/Colbert Report was one of the 24).

  55. #55 Barn Owl
    September 8, 2008

    If you checked “David Sedaris” and/or “Daily Show/Colbert Report”, you kinda have to check “Irony” as well.

    There should be a blog Stuff Scientists Like, which might also include “Coffee” and “Apple Products”, as well as some others, such as “T-Shirts and Miscellaneous Freebies from Promega, Invitrogen, etc.”, “Graphs and Statistics”, “Collecting Toy Versions of Lab Animals”, and “Celebrations for Grants and Publications”.

  56. #56 Bill
    September 8, 2008

    I scored a 4 (rugby, study abroad, hated high school, and occasionally do yoga). Being a physician, living on the Florida Gulf Coast, ex-military and originally from Texas, I appear to be the antithesis of hip whiteness. I do have a hybrid, though it’s the Ford Escape variety.

  57. #57 Salamander
    September 8, 2008

    43 out of 107; presumably the other 64 would be stuff the Wrong Sort of White People like.

    I’m an uneasy mixture of whitepeople and white trash people.

  58. #58 Jason Malloy
    September 8, 2008

    Statistics was a SWPL entry, but it was a reader submission, so apparently it doesn’t get to be in the official canon.

  59. #59 Bee
    September 8, 2008

    23. Shouldn’t have bothered. Old white Canadian woman living out in the woods. Many of those things would likely trigger ‘get off my lawn!’ syndrome if I actually encountered them. Only made 23 because I studied in Europe a hundred years ago, have a half dozen nice gay retired couples as near (10km. is so near! …buncha townies.) neighbours and like coffee.

  60. #60 pconroy
    September 8, 2008

    52 – Middle aged, White guy, from Europe

    Yes, I enjoy tea, wine and sushi, and have a multilingual, gifted child among others.

  61. #61 roissy
    September 8, 2008

    33. if this makes me wrong i don’t wanna be white(r).

  62. #62 SusanC
    September 8, 2008

    The test has nothing to do with white people, just a kind of liberal yuppie.

    Right. As a British person, I’d have said many of them were markers of social class, rather than race as such: e.g. not having a TV, or liking sushi. (That’s liking sushi in a country where it’s exotic and expensive. Presumably, in Japan liking sushi is not a status symbol).

  63. #63 razib
    September 8, 2008

    ” I’d have said many of them were markers of social class, rather than race as such”

    class only applies to white people, of which White People are a subset. race trumps class, and all People of Color are Oppressed and part of the Proletariat because of the White Hegemonic Power Structure.

  64. #64 Clay
    September 8, 2008

    Anyone know what “free healthcare” is?

    Other than that, it’s an amusing list.

  65. #65 Michael Blowhard
    September 8, 2008

    27. I thought I was whiter than that.

  66. #66 pubcat
    September 8, 2008

    You know, John, I am sure the university czn find you more ‘Important’ things to do than scripting polls so your blog-fans aren’t inconvienienced.

    Or maybe I am just bitter because I score high as “a kind of liberal yuppie” I can’t afford to be a yuppie!

  67. #67 pough
    September 8, 2008

    19. Did I spend too much time out in the sun this summer?

  68. #68 Rogue Epidemiologist
    September 8, 2008

    I scored a 28. I really like coffee.

  69. #69 do
    September 8, 2008

    36. But all of this confused by what it means for me to “like” something. Had I only checked boxes corresponding to things I do actually like — i.e., presently approve of, purchase, actively particpate in, am — my score would have been half that or lower yet. Instead, I checked all of those things plus things I have approved of or done in the past but do not necessarily approve of or do now.

    Shouldn’t it be possible to be a circumstantially (but not dispositionally) white person? Would this be the definition of a declasse?

  70. #70 Clark
    September 8, 2008

    14 for me. Bummer. Must be all that laplander blood in me.

  71. #71 Phil
    September 8, 2008

    29. Free health care? Threatening to move to Canada? Hating corporations? This should be retitled “Stuff black people and Democrats like”.

    They should have added, “Scoring low on stuff white people like.”

  72. #72 Matt McIntosh
    September 8, 2008


  73. #73 Mondo
    September 8, 2008

    Who else clicked them all out of some unhealthy compulsion?

  74. #74 Careless
    September 8, 2008

    New Balance shoes are crucial– they’re the only ones that are wide enough for me. What brand(s) do everyone else with wide feet wear?

    Yes, I wondered about that, too. With 17EEEE feet, if I buy another company’s shoes I have to go up in size so much that they’re essentially clown shoes.

    Also, Cubs fans need a Wrigley exclusion. So I’ve got a 16 or 14, depending on how you’re scoring

  75. #75 efrique
    September 8, 2008

    13, but the quiz is a poor fit for non-americans. I might have scored higher if it had been translated cross-cultures.

  76. #76 llllk
    September 8, 2008

    I scored a 7!!! That’s no lie

  77. #77 SFG
    September 8, 2008


    I’m not surprised the Europeans scored higher than the actual American white people. A lot of whitepeople (liberal upper-middle-class) culture has to do with imitating Europe.

  78. #78 InquilineKea
    September 8, 2008

    haha 21. I swear that I would have loved that list before I became libertarian.

  79. #79 Wanda
    September 9, 2008

    Good grief! I’m a 58-year-old white person and I scored only 7.

    Need to check my family a bit closer.

  80. #80 Luke Lea
    September 9, 2008

    13 Does that mean I am a redneck?

  81. #81 Fredosphere
    September 9, 2008

    71, and what’s odd is how many of the things I didn’t vote for I had never heard of. (Who is Michael Gondry? Who or what is Mos Def?) I’m an artsy Evangelical Christian from a Midwestern small town now living in Ann Arbor; could it be my high score is due to that (somewhat) rare combination? Or maybe (considering some of the other comments) I scored high because I wasn’t afraid to.

  82. #82 Charlie
    September 9, 2008

    Only 14, and my great-grandparents were ashamed of the single Welshman in the family tree, because in their opinion the Welsh and Irish “were not white”.

    16 generations of english & germans, excepting that one welshman. We got here on the Mayflower. Really, I’m not kidding.

    It might be 15 if I knew David Sedaris well enough to like him.

  83. #83 Jonathan
    September 10, 2008

    I got a 26 and im a suburban 18 yo black guy who plays fantasy football/baseball on a daily basis and watches inuyasha

  84. #84 tevebaugh
    September 10, 2008

    43/107, meaning that I’m 40.2% white. What on earth is the other ~60% made of? Fruit filling?

  85. #85 bbadour
    September 10, 2008

    A shameful 38…

  86. #86 Daniel Elstner
    September 10, 2008

    A mere 28, and I’m as white as they come.
    How about #108 “Scoring low on the ‘Stuff White People Like’ test”?

  87. #87 Steve Bodio
    September 10, 2008

    “Yes, I enjoy tea, wine and sushi, and have a multilingual, gifted child among others.”

    Me too– but I still only got 15.

    And am a 58 year old white guy.

  88. #88 Barn Owl
    September 10, 2008

    I’ve started a list of “Stuff Scientists Like” on my blag. Please feel free to add to the list in the comments; I’m a biologist, so ideas from scientists in physics, chemistry, geology, archaeology, etc. are especially welcome. Thanx.

  89. #89 GWash
    September 10, 2008

    This list has nothing to do with whiteness; everything to do with yuppediness. This is a lefty yuppy checklist.

  90. #90 steve
    September 11, 2008

    I got 12. The list is pretty stupid, it should be “things white Americans like”.

    The Ivy League, San Fran, High school, soccer, Netflix, Daily Show, Wrigely Field, Manhattan, David Sedaris (who!?), the NYT, etc…. none of these are really part of my cultural landscape.

  91. #91 brent
    September 11, 2008

    11 out of 107, born and raised in small town Nebraska. In a state that is +95% and a town that is +98% white. Obviously these items are not all inclusive. Sounds like a checklist for leftist urbanites to me. Why do “white” people have to like different things? How bout these items for a more realistic and popular list: BBQ, fried chicken, Nascar, Football, Baseball, Picnics, Oprah, Tacos, Chinese Food, Bargains, PTA? Fucking stupid list.

  92. #92 Alex J.
    September 11, 2008

    I got a 14. I think liking Lipton doesn’t count for liking Tea. If it did I’d get a 15.

    Charlie, if you are shocked by the fact that your ancestors were shocked by their partial welsh-ness, and tell everyone how shocked you are, that’s worth a point.

  93. #93 Mass Resident
    September 11, 2008


    But I don’t like tests where the points add up to anything other than 100. I got 73/107. I like fractions, especially irreducible ones.

    But percents are cool too. Roughly 68.22%

    I’d really like a scatter plot of all our scores and our own “perceived white-ness”.

  94. #94 razib
    September 11, 2008

    I’d really like a scatter plot of all our scores and our own “perceived white-ness”.

    yeah, i’ll code a script soon which will collect all these variables.

  95. #95 Graham Asher
    September 11, 2008

    22 – but I didn’t understand a lot of the things I’m supposed to like because I’m English (what is an ‘assist’? no, I can’t be arsed to look it up; also, liking tea sort of comes naturally without any need for added whiteness). I think white English people try less to be white;-) I probably rate an extra point for having a black wife, but I think she might score higher than me.

  96. #96 pconroy
    September 11, 2008

    I think the list is most accurate for White people who live on either of the US coasts – especially in the New York area.

    I’m from Ireland, but have lived in New York City for quite a while.

    The only 2 items that I didn’t know anything about were:
    Michael Gondry
    Wrigley Field

  97. #97 Thomas M.
    September 11, 2008

    I scored a 26 and really had to stretch to do so. I had a feeling that I wasn’t as white as my friends seem to think I am…

  98. #98 Neshobanakni
    September 12, 2008

    I scored a 5. I must be doing something wrong. But I’m a Sox fan.

  99. #99 EW
    September 13, 2008

    As a 58-year old Czech female – meagre 7 points, and that even with including T-shirts as such, plain and simple, without any societal meanings assigned to them.

    Maybe liking coffee proves my whiteness, but again – I like it prole-ish sweet, same as my wine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  100. #100 Freemon Sandlewould
    September 14, 2008

    10 but any high testosterone male is going to like Asian women!

  101. #101 Stopped Clock
    September 14, 2008

    Going just on the titles of the entries doesnt give quite a clear picture of what they really mean. For example, what’s “modern furniture”? What’s Juno? What about renovations? What exactly about dogs? Is it enough to just like them or do I have to looooove them the way this girl I knew when I grew up did?

    So a few weeks ago I went through and actually read all the posts, and counted up which ones applied to me even a little bit. Surprisingly I only found 6 of them. So 6 is my score. The ones I checked were: Coffee, Religions my parents dont belong to (though that’s only because they’re both atheists), Being Outside, Wearing Shorts, Dogs, and Not Having a TV.

    I have to say this list rings true though. I never even heard of Whole Foods until I read about it on SWPL, and then I assumed it must be something from another part of the country until I started college a few days ago and overheard a conversation about one that had recently opened a few miles away from the college.

    I’m an odd person though. I think that my list doesnt so much mark me out as “the wrong kind of white person” so much as it marks me out as someone who loves nature and animals and isn’t so fond of modern technology.

  102. #102 RO
    September 15, 2008

    Only scored 7. This test only applies to North East Americans and other Ivy League “whites”. White people in Australia refer to such white people as “basket weavers” or “the Latte Set”. Thank God they have not bred up too much in this part of the world

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