Fight! Fight!

Hey, there’s a fight over at Sandwalk. PZ and Larry are going at it as to how good, or bad, this video is:

I’m on the fence. I think it is not true that all genes are switches. Some of them code for structural proteins, for instance. Thousands of genes code for neurotransmitters. There are many genes that are producing products on a regular basis in adult cells that you can’t live without.

On the other hand, the video does a good job at explaining the evo devo part of the equation.

I do not like the playing dumb bit in the beginning. Hey, if you don’t know that “evo deve” stands for “Evolution and Development” or “Evolutionary Development” or whatever it stands for, then maybe I don’t care what else you have to say.


  1. #1 PZ Myers
    December 6, 2007

    Man, those scientists fighting sure are wimpy and boring.

  2. #2 Larry Moran
    December 6, 2007

    Yeah, PZ wimped out when he realized he was up against a real scientist and not just one of them phony evo-devoists or an editor of SciAm.