The Bell Museum, in Minneapolis, has some fun stuff planned.

The Bell Museum’s Seeing Climate Change Film & Video Festival is taking
place this weekend.

Don’t miss a special breakfast edition of Cafe Scientifique this Sunday
at the Red Stag Supper Club. You can make reservations by calling
612.767.7766. More information is below.

An Evening with National Geographic explorer Jon Bowermaster – 8 P.M.

The Bell Museum and The Will Steger Foundation welcome renowned
explorer and National Geographic correspondent Jon Bowermaster to the
Seeing Climate Change Film & Video Festival. Bowermaster recently
returned from a kayaking expedition to Antarctica, where he witnessed
the impacts of global warming. Bowermaster will give an illustrated
presentation about this expedition, which documents the disintegration
of the Larsen Ice Shelf and other changes to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Sponsored by the Will Steger Foundation and Global Warming 101


Café Scientifique: Food and Climate Change
Sunday, April 27, 8:30 A.M.
Red Stag Supper Club
509 1st Ave. N.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55413

At this special breakfast edition of Café Scientifique, Jim
Kleinschmidt will discuss the connections between what we eat and our
changing climate. What are the economic and environmental impacts of
conventional, organic, and locally produced foods? How are farmers,
restaurants, and grocery stores innovating to save energy and the
environment while serving up delicious and healthy food? Space is
limited. To make reservations call the Red Stag Supper Club at

This event is sponsored in part by the Red Stag Supper Club and the
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy:

Café Scientifique is a forum for science and culture hosted by the Bell
Museum of Natural History. Featuring experts from a variety of fields
on diverse and provocative topics. For a schedule of upcoming Café
Scientifique programs, click here or call 612-624-9050.