After he swam the North Pole, Lewis Pugh vowed never to take another cold-water dip. Then he heard of Lake Imja in the Himalayas, created by recent glacial melting, and Lake Pumori, a body of water at an altitude of 5300 m on Everest — and so began a journey that would teach him a radical new way to approach swimming and think about climate change.


  1. #1 daedalus2u
    August 5, 2010

    I think it is a very powerful message about when certain action-type paradigms fail. I linked to this video on FB too. As I said there:

    Really nice talk on how some problems need a shift in mental approach away from the “fight or flight” war-type mentality to a more relaxed open-minded approach. I can think of many others where a “war-type” approach fails, war-on-drugs, war-on-cancer, war-on-terrorism, war-on-poverty, war-on-autism, war-on-crime.

    War is really such a bad metaphor for difficult problems.