Snow and Global Warming

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Hat Tip: Ana


  1. #1 JM
    December 30, 2010

    Nice ‘forcecast’. One nit: the kitchen refrigerator analogy is thermodynamically incorrect. If you open the refrigerator door you will indeed get an initial cold blast, but eventually the kitchen will warm up, not cool down.

  2. #2 Greg Laden
    December 30, 2010

    JM: That made me cringe.

    I think a required experiment that for kids in school is this: Make two insulated boxes with thermocouplers (or just thermometers) inside. But identical fans in each, but have one of the fans running for a period of time. The one with the fan should be cooler because fans are there to cool us down right? BZZZZT

    You get the picture.

  3. #3 Eric
    December 30, 2010

    Proof that you don’t need to understand meteorology, or even thermodynamics, to write a book about weather and climate.

  4. #4 Greg Laden
    December 30, 2010

    Eric? That’s your standard for proof? Actually, Wild Weather is a pretty good book.

  5. #5 gruebait
    December 30, 2010


    That ‘open fridge door’ bit made me wince. That was Glen Beck quality physics. I mean really, who _doesn’t_ know better?

    It made me think of putting a fan on the back of a sailboat to blow on the sail.

  6. #6 Greg Laden
    December 30, 2010

    I assume he was making a specific point that he never made successfully. A freezer with the door open could be a metaphor for something..

    Since he later talked about the reorientation of the jetstream, I think what he was getting at is that if you broke down the barrier between the freezer and the refrigerator, you’d get some freezing in the refrigerator compartment and some melting in the freezer.

  7. #7 megan
    December 31, 2010

    Simple explanation – hot coffee cup on a warmer
    -Warmer equals GM
    -Ice cubes in hot coffee equal melting polar & glacier ice packs
    -Non-stop warming cup warmer WILL OVERTAKE eventually the cooled iced coffee

    Or extra turbulence from added energy from accululated solar heat trapped by warming gases not absorbed by the global environment will spread the evaporated and melted frozen water like a shaken snow globe and deposit it onto other places in the form of snow/ice that still get bouts of cold, but also the same areas will get excessive floods and rainfall.

    It’s SO FRIGGIN OBVIOUS that when people spout smarmy ‘Heh this isn’t globlwarming’, I want to smack them like an ant laughing at the water from a new sprinkler system and just calling it regular rain fall or downpour cycle.

  8. #8 YouTube
    August 14, 2011

    pretty good book but eventually the kitchen will warm up, not cool down