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What Does Your Birthdate Mean?

Your Birthdate: January 31

You’re a pretty traditional person. If it’s lasted, it’s probably good.
You seek stability – both in your career and your romantic relationship.
In return, you’re very loyal and predictable. Which is usually a good thing.
Without a partner, you feel lost. Being with someone is very important to you.

Your strength: Your dependability

Your weakness: You hate being alone

Your power color: Midnight blue

Your power symbol: Shell

Your power month: April

Another stupid internet quiz. It’s good for a laugh, but it is absolutely completely inaccurate.



  1. #1 Ericnh
    January 31, 2006

    About as accurate as an astrological chart. Mine said I’m a loner and a tech geek who loves robots more than people. Well, I might be a loner, but I’m a science geek and I prefer animals to robots–although maybe I could love those I-Cybie robotic toy dogs.

  2. #2 Ericnh
    January 31, 2006

    P.S. Happy Birthday!

  3. #3 psilo
    January 31, 2006

    Happy Birthday. 🙂 I hope the new sitehost treats you well.

  4. #4 dread pirate roberts
    January 31, 2006

    “Here’s a little song you can all join in with:
    It’s very simple and I hope it’s new.” dave mason, traffic.

    and here it is!

    happy birthday. we love you.

    the dharma bums

  5. #5 GrrlScientist
    January 31, 2006

    Ericnh; that’s the perfect pet; no poop to scoop, although i would quickly starve if everyone in NYC replaced their cats with one or two of those things.

    Psilo; i have no complaints, except i (desperately) want to change my font and i also want my own header, but those details are being worked on as we speak.

    Dread Pirate Roberts; thanks so much! you guys are the bestest!

  6. #6 Astroprof
    February 1, 2006

    Happy Birthday!

  7. #7 John
    February 1, 2006

    Happy Birdday!

  8. #8 Alon Levy
    February 1, 2006

    Happy belated birthday, Hedwig!

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