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Welcome To Hell

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This streaming video is Rowan Atkinson’s sketch about the Devil Welcoming People to Hell [3:04]


  1. #1 Tabor
    June 26, 2007

    Gee, eternity. Somedays I feel like that is my job…eternity in hell.

  2. #2 Bob O'H
    June 27, 2007

    Ah, but you get toilet breaks at work.


  3. #3 Chris' Wills
    June 27, 2007

    Toilet breaks at work? Luxury. Why in my day…young uns don’t know they’re born.

    More seriously; some companies actually time their employees toilet breaks and dock money for taking too long to spend a penny. This used to be common in call centres and still happens in some, people are allowed 1h per day for all time (including lunch) away from their desk.

    As they work at PCs and are classed as high users this actually breaks HSE recommendations in the UK but they still do it.

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