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Science in Slow Motion

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Have you ever seen the details how a lighter lights up? How a face is deformed after a punch or slap? How a water balloon explodes? How a rocket is fired and how a gun is fired? How an apple, banana, golf ball, concrete slab and other things are shot through with a bullet? How an arbalest is fired? How a bomb explodes? All these things and more can be seen on this streaming video. My favorite is watching the pigeon take off from its perch. [6:33]


  1. #1 Chris' Wills
    December 27, 2007

    I found the water balloons the strangest looking and the mans face as he waited for the balloon to hit :o)

    The objects being struck by a bullet are frightening, especially the fruit.

  2. #2 carolyn13
    December 27, 2007

    That was really cool, even if they did get a little too fascinated with blowing things up. The water effects were my favorite. It’s amazing how fast the bullets were going even in slo mo.

    I hope you are feeling better today, Grrl. I woke up with the sniffles myself. I’d accuse you of sending your virus through the intertubes but there seems to be a small influenza epidemic down here. We had such weird warm weather about two weeks ago, I just knew everybody would get sick.

  3. #3 Gene
    December 28, 2007

    very cool stuffs in slow motion 🙂

  4. #4 Gray Gaffer
    December 28, 2007

    One flap!

    For those who ,ight be interested, the whole art of high speed photography was invented by a now departed genius named Dr. Harold E. Edgerton. His work is really amazing, and many of his images are still iconic of the genre – e.g. the crown of rising drops around the impact point of a falling drop. I found a few collections:

    I also have a video “Doc Edgerton’s Eyes” on tape, one that does not Google today.

  5. #5 carolyn13
    December 28, 2007

    Thanks for the links, Gaffer. Those photos were fascinating and I learned something.

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