Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

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For the third time in the last 6 days, another line of nasty storms rolled through Chicago on Wednesday evening. Wednesday’s storms towered up to 63,000 ft, unleashed 80 mph gusts, local 3″+ rains and 15,000 cloud to ground lightning strikes in a single hour. Craig Shimala captured the action from his balcony.

Lightning strikes three of the tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time! from Craig Shimala.

Music: Sufjan Stevens: To the Workers of the Rock River Valley Region, I Have an Idea Concerning Your Predicament.


  1. #1 Tabor
    June 28, 2010

    Great shot…I think they were having Taste of Chicago…weren’t they?

  2. #2 Out walking the dog
    June 28, 2010

    Unbelievable footage! Yikes.

  3. #3 Meg
    June 29, 2010

    This is incredible footage! Here’s an interesting TV report about getting struck by lightening

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