It’s official

As of midnight last night, it’s official…

…I’m now an Associate Professor of Surgery.


  1. #1 Bronze Dog
    July 1, 2006

    So, are congrats in order, or should we join you in moaning about a bigger workload or something?

  2. #2 anjou
    July 1, 2006

    Congrats!! Celebrate big time!

  3. #3 Aesmael
    July 1, 2006

    Congratulations… right?

  4. #4 epador
    July 1, 2006


    Unfortunately that means more meetings and committees, [I presume] for no extra pay.

    I would note that if no one else has so designated you, you are a full Professor of Medical Science Bloggery.

  5. #5 Evil Monkey
    July 1, 2006


  6. #6 Joe
    July 1, 2006

    That’s great, congratulations!

  7. #7 Abel Pharmboy
    July 1, 2006

    Yee-ha! Congratulations! Wish I was still in DC to share a beverage or two at the Brickskeller.

  8. #8 Babbler
    July 1, 2006


  9. #9 JD
    July 1, 2006

    Awesome! Much congrats.

  10. #10 Dawn
    July 1, 2006

    Congrats, Orac! That’s wonderful and the students who have you will be very lucky!

  11. #11 Nick Terry
    July 1, 2006

    Congratulations, Professor Orac!

    And as if by a strange coincidence, I too am officially now a PhD as of June 30… quick! to the blog!

  12. #12 Jody
    July 1, 2006


    I wanted that job!

    Of course I have no qualifications, knowledge or experience in the field, but in this day and age, why should that be a handicap?



  13. #13 Pharma Market Researcher
    July 1, 2006

    Congrats! You certainly deserve it!

  14. #14 OccamsEdge
    July 1, 2006

    Congratulations Oh Mighty Orac, will there be some sort of ego adjustment required?

    and I 2nd AblePharmboy, a virtual tip of the pint at the Brickskeller and three cheers!

  15. #15 catherina
    July 1, 2006

    Wow – congratulations!

  16. #16 Paul S
    July 1, 2006

    Big news! Congrats!

  17. #17 TheProbe
    July 1, 2006

    In college we had to wait 10 minutes for instructors, 15 minutes for associate profs, 20 minutes for assistant profs and a halh hour for full profs.

    Do your surgical patients now have to wait longer? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congrats. With that I am sure comes a BIG raise, larger office, slinkier nurses, a better parking space, and, of course, a sharper scalpel.

  18. #18 Tara Mobley
    July 1, 2006

    Congrats, Orac!

  19. #19 Ahistoricality
    July 1, 2006

    Mazel Tov! Now you can tell us what you really think, right?

  20. #20 HCN
    July 1, 2006

    Congratulations to Assoc Prof Orac!

  21. #21 Janne
    July 1, 2006

    Unless you used to be a _full_ professor of surgery, big congratulations!

  22. #22 Aaron M
    July 2, 2006

    Well done, Orac!

  23. #23 Joseph j7uy5
    July 2, 2006

    Super. You can relax now.

  24. #24 Lisa
    July 2, 2006

    Congratulations, Professor! May all your students be deserving and may they not take too much time away from your blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. #25 revere
    July 2, 2006

    Congratulations. Now Senior Faculty. I’m not sure if your colleagues and students know of your blogging, but I hope so. You are now a senior faculty role model and a damn good one, too, even if you leave pesky comments on my blog!).

  26. #26 Sergey Romanov
    July 3, 2006

    Sincere congratulations ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. #27 anonimouse
    July 3, 2006

    Call me when you’re a real professor and not some silly “associate”. Until then I can’t trust you as a reliable source of medical knowledge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Actually, in all seriousness, congrats.

  28. #28 Julia
    July 4, 2006


  29. #29 DJ
    July 5, 2006

    Must have been all that praying.


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