An anti-ID initiative

I got this in my e-mail the other day that may be of interest to folks interested in countering the pseudoscience of “intelligent design” creationism:

I would like to announce the birth of CommentsOnID, a Pile-blog and ask for support.

A Pile-blog is a blog intended to offer unmoderated comments and trackbacks space, related to blogposts from blogs where moderation/censure or even absence of comments and trackbacks is the rule.

This particular Pile-blog concerns pro-ID blogs/blogposts. It was setup to circumvent the censorship practiced at the time by Dembski and DaveScot and now by Denyse O’Leary on Uncommon Descent. It will be extended to other pro-ID blogs in the near future (your suggestions are welcome).

This is a personal initiative but I would be glad if any of you want to join the venture as co-editor. This is a not-for-profit initiative and the Pile-blog will remain ad-free and it’s content under CC-by license.

Your support is essential for advertising CommentsOnID, by a link, a post talking about it or simple forwarding of this message to friends that may be concerned.

Thank you for reading this message,

Best regards,
Pegase (Antoine Vekris)

I’ve never heard of a Pile-blog before, but it sounds like an interesting idea to me. It’s always been annoying the way that William Dembski and company have ruthlessly censored comments that argue against ID on his blog, Uncommon Descent, and certainly it’s not practical for fellow ScienceBlogs like Pharyngula, Evolgen, Evolutionblog, Evolving Thoughts, and Afarensis, among others to debunk each and every post that shows up on blogs like Uncommon Descent. Sometimes a brief comment is in order that wouldn’t necessarily make a good blog post on its own. I’m not entirely sure how well this concept will work, especially if it’s expanded to several pro-ID blogs.


  1. #1 John Wilkins
    August 10, 2006

    Actually, I don’t debunk Uncommon Descent or any ID site. I discuss the ideas, but fundamentally I find the ID blogs vapid. More power to those whoactually do, but I don’t.

  2. #2 Orac
    August 10, 2006

    Ah, but by just discussing ID “ideas” (such as they are) you serve to debunk them. 😉

  3. #4 RPM
    August 10, 2006

    Like John, I don’t read creationist blogs, and I try to shy away from creationism whenever possible. There are people far more informed on the anti-science movement than I (most of ’em at the Panda’s Thumb). I’d rather deal with actual science — I find it much more interesteing.

    I do like this idea, and I hope it works to undermine Dembski and his wayward sycophants.

  4. #5 pegase
    August 29, 2006

    i Orac,
    Thank you for reporting

    The main idea isn’t that one should spend a lot of time reading/commenting proID blogs, or trying to discuss with Dembski et al.
    But sometimes a simple comment can just show how silly their approach is. For the sake of young people trying to make their minds. Uncommon Descents moderation policy make it difficult (if not impossible) to have a single thread with every opinion exposed.
    The Pile-blog could help, I hope.
    I’ll try to restrict it to the main proID blogs/websites to avoid confusion. That’s why I left it with a single URL up to now.

    Any suggestion for improving is welcome.

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