As intelligent and powerful as he is, Orac has always lacked something, and that’s mobility. He’s always been more or less at the mercy of the humans with whom he travels when it comes to locomotion. In short, being a clear box of blinking lights, he has to be carried everywhere, sometimes in a rather undignified fashion:


In this week’s edition of the Skeptics’ Circle, Bronze Dog gives Orac exactly what he needs:


Yes, a giant robot! Controlling such awesome machinery directly, finally, Orac is unshackled from his dependence on irrational humans to take him where he wants to go! And he gets some kick-ass weaponry to boot!

Not satisfied, Bronze Dog outfits a number of other skeptics with the armor and weaponry needed to plunge into the depths of irrationality and pseudoscience to do battle with the enemies of reason (metaphorically speaking). It’s a truly powerful team.

Who will next lead this awesome force?

It will be Martin at Aardvarcheology, two weeks from now on August 30.

You can command this awesome force as well, if you prove yourself worthy (i.e., show me that your blog isn’t full of pseudoscientific nonsense–which, if it was, I doubt you’d be reading here). If you’re interested in trying your hand at hosting the Circle yourself, drop me a line at The schedule can be found here, and the guidelines for hosting are here.


  1. #1 Warren
    August 16, 2007

    A beweaponed, battle-mech Orac?

    Jeez. I’m glad I’m not a practitioner of woo.

  2. #2 David D.G.
    August 16, 2007

    Well, it’s no Dalek, but it’ll do.

    ~David D.G.

  3. #3 Blake Stacey
    August 16, 2007

    “Are you ever frustrated by your dependence on people to carry out actions?”

    “Not in the slightest bit. I enjoy working with human beings. I have stimulating relationships with Dr. Poole and Dr. Bowman. . . .”

    Oops; I must be in the wrong franchise. Excuse me.

  4. #4 kuresel isinmaya hayir
    August 17, 2007

    Well, it’s no Dalek, but it’ll do.

  5. #5 vlad
    August 17, 2007

    The woo pools keep getting deeper and deeper is it fully woo submersible?

    P.S. Any idea what he used to make these looks like fun.

  6. #6 Bronze Dog
    August 17, 2007

    I made ’em on my PS3 with Armored Core 4. Amusing side thing: Accidentally unlocked the wrong part while trying to get a laser cannon for PZ, and it happened to be named “Insolence”. It’s the folding Kojima particle cannon on his back.

    Armored Core 4 is available for PS3 and Xbox 360. Both versions are nearly identical from all accounts, though there’s no between-system compatibility for online.

    May want to talk to me about the series if you’re still interested. It’s something of a niche game.

  7. #7 bug_girl
    August 17, 2007

    Oh–I thought you meant *this* giant robot (one of my favorite magazines):

  8. #8 vlad
    August 17, 2007

    Bronze Dog,
    I’m still very interested. I’m a huge fan of steal Battalion. I haven’t had a chance to play Armored Core series, but if you get to build your own mechs to that level I’m definatly interested.

  9. #9 mirc
    January 16, 2008

    A very challenging story on why there are maniacs out there who are willing to acquire AIDS than to feel holy, and why there are opposites. I believe this should still be verified so we will not blame our parents and forefathers on why we would wish to have lots of first-born sons from different mothers, or why we would still masturbate despite old age

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