Vote early, vote often–for Shelley

Let me just take a moment to join fellow ScienceBloggers Ed, Revere, RPM, Zuska, Nick, PZ, Razib, Steve, and Bora in encouraging everyone to vote for one of our own, Shelley over at Retrospectacle, for a $10,000 Student Blogging Scholarship.

Don’t do it just because I asked you to. Do it because she runs an excellent blog and deserves it. Also, if you don’t vote for Shelley, we’ll shoot this dog.


Well, not really. I could never shoot a helpless dog. I love dogs. But vote for Shelley anyway. Or maybe we’ll give this dog a bath whether he needs it or not.


  1. #1 Bob O'H
    October 9, 2007

    I love dogs.

    So do I. Do you want to swap recipes?


  2. #2 Kim Jong Il
    October 9, 2007

    I love dog too! Especially poodle, medium rare.

    And if you do not vote for Shelley, I will re-start my nuclear testing. So there.

  3. #3 revere
    October 9, 2007

    I can’t agree. Dogs just don’t taste that good. We decided to keep ours as a pet for that reason.

  4. #4 Alan Kellogg
    October 10, 2007

    You forgot posthomusly

  5. #5 potentilla
    October 10, 2007

    I would have voted for Shelley if one of the other finalists wasn’t doing Taxol and law school at the same time, and looks like she needs the money more (she has 3 kids).

  6. #6 DuWayne
    October 11, 2007

    Not only did I vote for her, but I got my ravening horde of five or six readers to do so as well.

    potentilla –

    Sorry, but after Shelley’s kick butt piece on the neuroscience of ADHD, I cannot help but vote for her. She truly kicks the proverbial butt.

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