Geez, give a guy tenure…

…and suddenly he reveals his true stripes.

Oh, well, at least the Hitler Zombie hasn’t eaten Jason’s brain, as he has so many of the others who complain about being Expelled!


Thanks, Jason. I needed the laugh after the events of yesterday and today. Oh, and congratulations on getting tenure!


  1. #1 wfjag
    May 8, 2008

    Off point completely, but since this blog hasn’t generated much discussion, thought you might be interested in a blog at

    “Seidel subpoena aftermath
    Walter Olson
    on May 8, 2008 12:01 AM |

    As a judge considers whether to impose sanctions on attorney Clifford Shoemaker for hitting investigative blogger Kathleen Seidel with an intimidating subpoena, one of Shoemaker’s attorneys asks the court for more time “to gather the material I would need to show the Court the justification for the Subpoena and its scope,” which prompts Eric Turkewitz to wonder (May 6): “Why is it necessary to look for justification for the subpoena after it was issued?” And: “Other than talking to Shoemaker, who must have already had justification before the subpoena was issued, why would it be necessary to interview any other witness? It’s only Shoemaker’s rationale that matters to the sanctions motion.”

    In another indication that heavy-handed pursuit of a blogger might not have worked out very well as a legal strategy, Shoemaker’s own clients, the Sykes family, have now voluntarily dropped their vaccine-autism suit against Bayer, which was the basis for the subpoena (Seidel, Orac).”

    So, it ain’t over, yet.

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