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Chained to the Galleys

Storm World, my new book, has been “finished” for some time. But some forms of completion are more complete than others. For example, this week I’ve been getting the book’s “galleys”–i.e., the not-quite-final version that goes out to media and various important folks–together. This involves finding typos, changing little things, tidying up various outstanding details, etc. It’s been more labor intensive than I thought, and now I’m behind. So, I won’t blog again until the galleys are done…hopefully it won’t take too long.

P.S.: Meanwhile, a major study has just hit that has large implications for the hurricane-global warming debate. The work (PDF) is by Jim Kossin of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and colleagues, and I discuss it in detail in the book. But I’ll also have some blog commentary soon as well….

P.P.S.: My work always hits with terrible timing. Now there’s even bigger hurricane news: El Nino has gone away, and we may even get La Nina conditions soon. Either way, we now have grounds for expecting a bad Atlantic hurricane season. As Jeff Masters puts it: “I am expecting a much more active hurricane season than the mild season of 2006 as a result of this month’s demise of El NiƱo.”


  1. #1 J-Dog
    February 28, 2007

    You should send me a chapter to proof read. I am the best there’s ever been at catching printed errors. Don’t know exactly why, just know that it’s true. Give me a test if you want to first, but I think I can help.

  2. #2 Kate
    March 1, 2007

    el nino has “gone away”? has it been replaced or negated by la nina? did it just not happen to the full extent that it should have?

    something seems fishy about a seemingly sudden shift in two differently characterized climate systems…

  3. #3 Chris Mooney
    March 1, 2007

    Hey J-Dog,
    I bet you’re a good proofreader, but my mom is the best ever ;>

    Kate, it’s not an either/or between El Nino and La Nino, and it wasn’t a sudden shift. There’s also neutral conditions, which is what we’ve slipped back to right now as El Nino declined. Jeff Masters has a really helpful discussion of all this.

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