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Links 2/24/11


  1. #1 Katharine
    February 25, 2011

    Odd, disappointing story I feel compelled to share:

    I am a student at a local community college right now ’cause it’s commutable and inexpensive and my folks are rather money-conscious right now. I am a biology major and I am headed for Nationally-Renowned and Relatively Easily Commutable Public SLAC, where I will finish undergrad.

    I am posting this from a computer lab at said community college, where I am sitting across a rope barrier from what appears to be people who either have the IQ of a slime mold or who slept through school as children, as they apparently cannot do fractions.

    I shit you not. It makes me die a little inside that people this dumb exist, and for fuck’s sake they don’t even have Down’s syndrome or shit like that, they’re eighteen-year-olds who look like they don’t have any of those well-defined genetic mutations that result in clinically-significant levels of Teh Dumb, who apparently can’t even do basic math.

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