Bioephemera et al


I’m very pleased to announce that Bioephemera has just moved to ScienceBlogs. This fantastic blog is a curiosity box of wonderful things, such as this nineteenth century wax anatomical model by Clemente Susini, of a man’s head and neck, which shows the brain’s superficial blood vessels and the branches of the trigeminal and hypoglossal nerves. Bioephemera is written by Jessica Palmer, who created four of the five beautiful banners which grace the top of this page.

There are also several other new SBlogs which I haven’t gotten round to mentioning yet:

  • A Good Poop – very amusing papers from the medical journals, “thrown together by a guy named Chris”;
  • DrugMonkey – written by DrugMonkey, an “NIH-funded biomedical researcher” and PhysioProf, an “NIH-funded basic science faculty member at a private medical school”; and
  • Green Gabbro – a geology blog written by graduate student Maria Brumm.