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Sneezing and Personality

i-633fccdbf158e1936b1949e481f9456b-sneeze2.gifI apologize for the previous post on sleeping positions and personality…that was clearly wrong, since this is obviously the correct way of determining someones personality type.

…you may want to listen to all that sneezing: A body language expert said that a sneeze can offer a revealing look at someone’s personality. “Most of us have a sneeze style that we stick with throughout our lives that matches our personality,” said Patti A. Wood, a body language expert who created the Achoo IQ Study for Benadryl.

And just like the sleeping positions, there are different types:

be right sneezer
get it done sneezer
enthusiastic sneezer
nice sneezer

It looks like I may perhaps be:

the “enthusiastic” sneezers, Wood said. These are the people with sneezes you notice such as your grandfather whose sneezes perhaps terrify you, or your co-worker who always sneezes five times. The enthusiastic sneezers were found to be charismatic and social and have the ability to motivate others.

Ohh and look here’s something to make it all legitimate!

It turns out your sneeze may not be as original as you think. According to researchers, a sneeze style may be a genetic trait passed down from generation to generation. “There is a certain innate pattern to the way we sneeze, and it probably is genetic in some ways,” said Dr. Frederic Little, assistant professor of medicine at Boston University.


  1. #1 Kevin W. Parker
    January 7, 2007

    I can crack plaster with my sneezes (and occasionally have sneezing fits of 5-10 at a time), but I’m really a very shy guy. So I’m not convinced.

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