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Big Tobacco, RIAA, and now Elsevier!

i-e6fe6b8e0c551f45e7e447cabfa89492-DOWN-WITH-DRM.jpgThese companies/groups are all on everyones shit list.

Nature has learned, a group of big scientific publishers has hired the pit bull to take on the free-information movement, which campaigns for scientific results to be made freely available. Some traditional journals, which depend on subscription charges, say that open-access journals and public databases of scientific papers such as the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH’s) PubMed Central, threaten their livelihoods.

This group includes Elsevier and Wiley among others.

This groups consultant:

also recommended joining forces with groups that may be ideologically opposed to government-mandated projects such as PubMed Central, including organizations that have angered scientists. One suggestion was the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a conservative think-tank based in Washington DC, which has used oil-industry money to promote sceptical views on climate change.

Next they’re going to start adding DRM to your pdf downloads. Ok.. hopefully not.
Here’s the Nature news article


  1. #1 SMC
    January 25, 2007

    What can I say – Wiley Interscience is an organization that happily locks up articles from 1879 behind paywalls…[1]

    These people remind me more and more of Disney corporation every day.(If it becomes legal to distribute ‘Steamboat Willy’ then the terrorists will have won!)


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