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i-fa4fd7f97d861901cbce4a73dee3c877-cheney-subliminal-message.jpgA company in Korea is applying for a patent of their new technique to help all those poor video game addicted kids in korea (think kids playing video games for 4 days straight and then dying). The only problem with the patent… the chances of it working in Korea are about the same as them working in the United States (with non-Korean speaking kids). Here’s why:

Venture start-up Xtive proposes to subliminally convince these kids to kick the habit by exposing them to an inaudible repetitive message. “We incorporated messages into an acoustic sound wave telling gamers to stop playing. The messages are told 10,000 to 20,000 times per second,” explains Yun Yun-hae, president of Xtive.

10-20 thousand times per second?! are you kidding me? There’s no real evidence that (really) subliminal messaging works at all. But that fast? give me a break!

Like I said before the chances that this work on American (or kids of any country) are about as low as it working on Korean kids who ‘hear’ the messages in their own 20,000 per second language. I wonder how much money this dude will make?

Here’s the engadget story.


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    March 16, 2007


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