It’s how we can all get along

What an excellent demonstration of the importance of the principle of the separation of church and state: here’s a conservative Christian minister whose views on society and politics I find thoroughly odious; here’s a liberal Christian with whom I’d be 99% in agreement, but whose moderate religious views I can still find a bit batty; and then there’s me, the flaming atheist. We can all coexist and work together (or against each other, in a productive and civil way) as long as our government doesn’t arbitrarily privilege one religious view over another. As long as we can find common ground in our support for civil liberties and personal freedom to believe as we want, it really doesn’t matter what goofy ideas about gods we might have.

By the way, while you’re over at Making Light, don’t miss Jim Macdonald’s article on heat stress. We’re supposed to get up close to 100°F here in western Minnesota today, with high humidity and threats of thunderstorms—so it’s certainly timely information.


  1. #1 Jonathan Badger
    July 31, 2006


    I really don’t get your position on religion. Sometimes, like in this post, you are a “let’s get along together” atheist, much like Eugenie Scott and myself, someone only concerned about the separation of church and state and the attacks on science education by creationists, but has no problem otherwise with religion so long as nobody forces you to pretend to believe. On other posts you are a militant Dawkins-style atheist who sees even moderate religion as an evil force to be combated with and is not interested in “getting along” with people holding religious beliefs unless they give up those beliefs. Those are two incompatible world views.

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