Glutton for punishment

Deepak Chopra is incredible. After sticking his foot in his mouth once already with an awful article on genes, he then proceeds to kick himself in the teeth, followed by an attempt to turn himself inside out. No, I’m sorry, I simply can’t read the Huffington Post as long as this clown graces its pages…and I’m ashamed that he can misrepresent himself as knowledgeable about science and medicine in this country, and that people buy his books. Quacks ought to be tarred and feathered (metaphorically) and run off, I think.


  1. #1 ProfWombat
    October 18, 2006

    Knew Chopra before he got ayurvedic and what-not; he was a first-class endocrinologist. Seems to me he got seduced by the green side of the force.

  2. #2 drew hempel
    October 18, 2006

    Well considering the new importance of epigenetics it’s definitely scientifically viable that macro quantum chaos could change DNA through focused resonance of thought. It’s also the truth!

  3. #3 drew hempel
    October 18, 2006

    The endocrine system has hidden potential — specifically the connection between serotonin and the adrenal glands — just as Professor Robert Sapolsky. Serotonin turns into Melatonin which turns into DMT. Now use harmonic resonance and voila! You create a spirit body of biophotons.

  4. #4 Steviepinhead
    October 18, 2006

    D’woo hempel strikes again.

    Actually, that was three strikes in the last five posts, D’woo. Yoo’re oot!

  5. #5 thwaite
    October 18, 2006

    I suspect D’woo is only channeling the cover story in the November issue of Discover magazine (not yet online): “THE NEW GENETICS: DNA is not your identity”. It’s all about epigenetics – modulation of gene expression throughout the lifespan, via e.g. methylation. It highlights work by Moshe Szyf, a pharmacologist at McGill studying cancer, and others. Author is Ethan Watters, whose bio lists no professional affiliations.

    The article does have some suggestive if unquantifiable tidbits. M. Z. Fang’s 2003 paper in Cancer Research shows, via animal studies, that green tea can alter a methylation disorder which facilitates some cancers. And Sxyf’s sometime-collaborator M. Meaney, a biologist, posits environmentally-initiated changes in hippocampal methylation patterns in mouse infants correlated with the pups temperaments (shy/bold, usually considered mostly heritable traits).

  6. #6 jaimito
    October 18, 2006

    Sir, Thanks God or whatever Choprak’s out there. I love him. Isnt he funny?

  7. #7 Steviepinhead
    October 18, 2006

    Yep, ChopraFan, you’ve really stumbled upon a hotbed of pent-up Chopra-demand here.


  8. #8 drew hempel
    October 19, 2006

    I’ll come clean with a little diddle, on the sly. Quack or madhatter comes from quicksilver — mercury — which also, ironically, was the first scientific use of chemotherapy — a cure for syphilis. Mercury in vaccines IS a serious problem! But corporate-controlled science knows how to do the smack down when necessary.

    Mercury (cure for S.T.D.s) was really another name for the flying serpent of Kundalini — sex transformed into spirituality (really just an asymmetrical harmonic oscillator, previous to logarithmic tuning).

    So when scientists label spiritualists as quacks those scientists are only willfully ignoring how mercury continues to be used in modern science to the detriment of general health (along with all the other absurdities of “science”). In my “crank” psychology this is called “negative transference” (i.e. repressed sexually not known how to be sublimated into “real” mercury so used for smack-down science).

    The “real” use of mercury (beyond quacks and smack-down scientists) is described in Mutus Liber — the 17th C. alchemy book of the West.

    Mercury is the FEMALE principle as water vortex energy since the negentropic, antigravity anomalies of water are due to water having special TETRAHEDRON binding properties (as per physics Professor J L Finney’s 2004 article in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. “What’s so special about water?”).

    Female principle as in nonlocal consciousness, not representable through a precise symbol for infinity (the square root of two). Female principle as in lunar-calendar, 60-based number system, controlling the water cycles for carbon-based evolution.

    So we have 25 years left of freshwater (real MERCURY) on the planet — (the worst ecological crisis in our times and the most ignored) — all the more reason to bicker about quacks by quacks so that the REAL scientists (the serious madhatters) can get on with their Freemasonic Nanowater alchemy experiments at Sandia Labs, etc.

    The asymmetrical sine-wave of the atomic electron must be squared! Detailed in the freely readable online book “Hacking Matter” (mercury has a 97% refraction rate so is very efficient in nanotechnology).

    Now let’s not talk about mecury-based “ion propulsion” being used in secret high-tech flat, equilateral triangle aircraft.

  9. #9 drew hempel
    October 19, 2006

    Ken — sorry to say that you’ve been duped by the CIA-Freemason-Gene Roddenberry Council of Nine “Stargate Conspiracy.” From the promo for the book “the Only Planet of Choice” — based on CIA mind control scientist Dr. Andrija Puharich and his Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton research buddy Professor Oliver L. Reiser: “This is the first book to deal with the background and reasons for these cosmic visits. It is made up of hundreds of transcripts transmitted through the channel Phyllis V Schlemmer over a period of more than 20 years from a group of universal beings, known as The Council of Nine. Members of a distinguished international research group who have worked with Phyllis include such famous names as Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, former British racing driver Sir John Whitmore, and British Olympic hurdler David Hemery.”

    These are the real scientists! (read the recent books “In the Fire of the Mind” by George Johnson and “One True Platonic Heaven” by John Casti — both promote the Freemasonic agenda of Los Alamos, Santa Fe Institute and Sandia Labs).

  10. #10 PZ Myers
    October 19, 2006

    Jebus. It is extraordinarily annoying to have a babbling idiot constantly intruding into the conversation, isn’t it?

  11. #11 Caledonian
    October 19, 2006

    He really was a superlative dishwasher.

    Epsilons usually are.

  12. #12 Keith Douglas
    October 19, 2006

    Assuming that hempel is for real and not a hoax, he needs a psychiatric diagnosis and treatment, yesterday.

    And Chopra needs to be ridiculed, because he seems to be in it for the money and prestige.

  13. #13 Trip the Space Parasite
    October 19, 2006

    Peter Barber: Is an obsession with Deepak Chopra called ‘chopraphilia’? It seems strangely appropriate…

    And the altie-victims who eat up his woo are committing Chopraphagy?