Hovind saga continues

The latest in the Hovind trial: a local lawyer recounts his conversations with Kent.

Gibbs said Hovind tried to persuade him he had no obligation to pay employee income taxes and explained with “a great deal of bravado” how he had “beat the tax system.”Gibbs said Hovind also told him he preferred to deal in cash and that when you are “dealing with cash there is not way to trace it, so it wasn’t taxable.”

O Lord, please, this I pray: that Kent Hovind himself will testify at his trial. Jesus, fill Your devoted follower with True Christian hubris, that he will mount the witness stand to testify to Your glory and his special, privileged place as Your annointed representative on Earth. Amen.

P.S. Lord, don’t hold this against him.

During an IRS raid at the home, agents found cash stashed “all over the place.” About $42,000 was seized. During the search, more than a half-dozen guns were discovered at the Hovind’s home, including an SK-S semiautomatic.

I know it doesn’t sound very Christian, but especially good Christians are exempt from the principles that define good Christians, as we all know.


  1. #1 A Good Christian
    October 21, 2006

    Of course nothing is said about the several good Christians who testified against him including Dr. Gibbs.

    But is does not matter the good Christian’s condemnation of the whole thing, it only matters that the bad ones are noted.

    That’s why secular professors are more prone to propagandize than they are to teach.

  2. #2 Common Sense
    October 22, 2006

    So what’s better:

    Being an inconsistent Christian?

    Or being a consistent immoral pagan?

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