Mysterious marine whatsis


Strange things are found in the sea, like this mysterious gelatinous blob bobbing about in the Norwegian fjords.

On Oct. 1 Rudolf and his brother Erling were diving when he spotted the unusual object.

“It was 50-70 centimeters (19.5-27.5 inches) in diameter and looked like a huge beach ball. It was transparent but had a kind of thick, red cord in the middle. It was a bit science-fiction,” Svensen told newspaper Bergens Tidende’s web site.

It’s something cool: a large squid egg sac. Mmmmm…two-foot diameter ball of squid eggs.


  1. #1 Ichthyic
    October 29, 2006

    actually, squids are less than dutiful parents. Most simply lay eggs and croak.

    octopus and argonauts on the other hand, do tend to stick around for egg care.

    not sure about cuttlefish, but I think most are like squid (lay eggs and croak).

    “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.”

    a short but extraordinary life is the cephs lot.

  2. #2 Stanton
    October 29, 2006

    Ichthyic, cuttlefish lay their eggs in eggcases, which they then judiciously attach to coral or rocks, then scoot.
    Or die.
    I’m not sure which, though I have a book with a photo of a cuttlefish in an aquarium showing mama adjusting her freshly secreted eggcase on a branch of decorative coral.

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