Correspondence from the Adams camp

Promise me, O Readers of Pharyngula, that you don’t write emails as stupid as the ones below the fold.

The email has been piling up today in response to Mike S. Adams’ recent column. Fortunately, the ones too stupid to spell my name correctly in my email address bounce, or there’d be lots more (the ones sent to my address, at which I have access to the server logs, show about a 2:1 misaddressed rate…and those are the ones that managed to spell ‘pharyngula’ correctly!). Anyway, just for your enjoyment, and as an example of how not to think or write, here’s a subset.

Thrilling to see Mike Adams make a complete fool out of you.

Does evolution explain the utter dicklessness of the liberal male? Why dont you post a video of the speech/event on your blog and let “objective scientific inquiry” be the judge of the evening and your courage and intellect? Or lack thereof.


Prof Myer.

Dr Adams’ presentation was quite a learning experience. We learned that you are both a liar and a coward. LOL! Thank God for tenure or you’d be eating at a soup kitchen!

Liberal Tolerance

Why all the hate from you tolerant liberals? That’s the one thing I don’t understand.

Prof. Adams

I’m confused here….explain why you never got around to actually asking Prof. Adams any questions during his visit? Perhaps because you know you would have been shown up… As for your reference to micro vs macro evolution…, scholars admit that most of the controversy is due to the “evolutionists” refusal to debate. Much like what happened to Galileo….

Mike S Adams’ speech at UMM

Dr. (?) Myers,

Leave it to a liberal to skew reality to mask his impotent ability to honestly debate an adversary. You tried to set up the scene with your inaccurate description and bias against Dr. Adams. When that failed you create an delusional recreation of the events to make it appear you tried when you didn’t.

You are a loser, lackey, pitiful man. Go back to your liberal hole and leave America alone.

question on genotype/phenotypes

So, PZ. How did you like being put in your place by Mike Adams? Pay-back’s a bitch, ain’t it!!!!


I read this column with interest. Is it true? When afforded the opportunity to confront and confound your antagonist with your peerless logic and intellect, you withered? Say it ain’t so!!!

If Dr Adam’s account is true, you are beneath contempt. You have failed to validate the esteem and trust demanded of your professorship. Intellectual, moral, physical coward; that’s you. No wonder you don’t shave, you certainly can’t look at yourself in the mirror.

Ah, right-wing spin. It’s impressive how they can throw out an absurd claim and get their lackeys to trot obediently after it.

The facts of the case are simple. Adams gave a talk, there was a flurry of questions afterwards, the organizers shut off the questions somewhere around 20-30 minutes after they started, and I wasn’t one of the people to ask a question. From this, they conclude that I was afraid, and that Adams put me in my place. That’s an impressive conclusion to draw from no evidence at all. Evidence, of course, is something these conservatives don’t need.

I have to apologize. I really had no idea that Adams had been so worked up about my attendance that he’d had to pray before he started, that he was hanging on the hope of hearing some word for me, and that the hope of American Liberalism was resting on my shoulders. I had so little concern for this event that I showed up fifteen minutes late; if only someone had told me that Adams was so desperate to engage me, I might have bothered to show up on time. It’s obvious that he attached far more importance to getting my reaction than I did—pathetic little wanker, isn’t he?