The voice of David Paszkiewicz

Remember that fundie history teacher who was caught on tape? One of the recordings is now online. I haven’t listened to the whole thing—the quality is terrible, and it’s a typical high school classroom that is in a noisy uproar—but you do hear him nattering on about Satan and the Bible and sin and so forth; apparently, the “Scriptures aren’t religion, they are the foundation of all of the world’s major religions”, and he claims evolution isn’t science.

I’m not sure what he’s teaching.

Dave, an audio engineer, has provided an amazingly cleaned-up version of the recording. Listen to that one.


  1. #1 Ichthyic
    November 17, 2006

    This guy is a perfect example of why I consider religion a mental health disorder.

    well, IMO, religion’s not a mental health disorder, but rather an enabler of a mental health disorder.

    like cocaine is an enabler of an addictive personality disorder, or manic depressiveness, for example.

    imagine if you were a schizophrenic, and you were absolutely convinced bugs were crawling on the walls behind you, everywhere you went.

    you’d constantly be running into people trying to convince you you were delusional, right?

    now you meet another schizophrenic who also sees the same bugs crawling up the walls.

    Hallelujah, brother! can you imagine how enabling to the pyschosis having someone agree with your delusions would be?

    put a couple more together and what do you get?

    religion, baby.

    Dawkin’s didn’t call it the “God Delusion” for nothing.

  2. #2 Ichthyic
    November 18, 2006

    however, the plan of salvation is now on every newspaper and tv channel..


    I’m totally surrounded, out of ammunition, and have no cover.

    my plan is working perfectly!

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