Now this is nerdiness

Since I got ribbed a bit for my antique D&D lore in a previous comment, I have to defend myself from charges of extreme nerdlitude by distracting you all with a real nerdfest: a discussion of who would win in hand-to-hand combat between a first level magic-user and a housecat, complete with computer simulations.

The answer: under the modern rules, the cat usually wins. (When I played, if you said something like “I whack the cat with my staff”, there might be a quick check to see if the cat dodged, and otherwise, we’d just say, “OK, you killed the cat. Now what?” Dang rules lawyers and proliferating nit-pickery.)


  1. #1 breklor
    February 2, 2007

    Ye gods and little fishies.

    Let me throw in my two cents on the side of the Hairy Unbeliever. I’m not a Christian. I hate being preached at, and I have a solid +8 to saving throws vs. proselytization.

    That said: I have been reading “DM of the Rings” since, uh, episode XX or thereabouts (although I’ve gone back and read them all). I’ve read the comments for most of them. And not once has Mr. Young made any comments that I find objectionable, theologically, geologically or otherwise.

    To reject his entire website because you don’t like his personal views – which he doesn’t post anywhere on his site – strikes me as being at least as closed-minded as you accuse Mr. Young of being.

    Just sayin’.

    Oh, and by the way, regarding creationism: Please don’t conflate Mr. Young’s creationism – in which he believes that God created the universe, but billions of years ago, and let it run thereafter – with the silly mythological Creationism of the fundamentalist Christian movement. If you believe in God(s), then it follows logically that said divine being(s) probably created the universe, right? So to call Mr. Young’s creationism unacceptably foolish or “anti-intellectual” is to utterly reject nearly every person who believes in any God(s) – which, frankly, is the majority of the human race.

    So, once you’ve done your research, found out which Web designers have ever been to church, and deleted all their sites’ bookmarks, you’ll be left with, uh… Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins, maybe a few Marxist sites… yeah. Enjoy.

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