Merry Mollydays!

It’s that time again … time to nominate your favorite commenters for the Order of the Molly. Leave a comment saying whose name you like to see popping up in the comments threads, a few words about why you think they’re molly-worthy would be nice, too, and on Sunday I’ll tally them up and bestow the honorable OM on someone. You can find links to previous nomination threads on the commenters page, if you want to see what deserving people were passed over last time.


  1. #1 Blake Stacey
    April 19, 2007

    If I had to pick a single person, I’d go for Torbjorn Larsson. He’s clear, funny, and devoted to including URLs in his comments. Plus, I figured he was going to get it last time.

  2. #2 ??????
    April 20, 2007

    I would like to cast 1 vote against Caledonian. The reason, simply that he trolled me for being new.

    Please explain? You mean the thread where you advised him to accept the fact that not everyone believes in God?

    If so, I don’t think he trolled you. I don’t have an axe to grind, I don’t have a dog in this fight, I don’t have a bone to pick or a metaphor to flog, so FWIW, IMO:

    It was a simple misunderstanding on your part, and he toyed with you, rather gently, to the harmless amusement of just about everyone who knew the truth. I urge you not to take that (or this) as any kind of insult. Hey, navigating the ideological terrain around here is tricky enough without being expected to grok, at first sight, all the personalities involved, too. I doubt anyone was seriously whacking you for one misconception.

    Zeno: Diacriticals impress you? Hah! Ok then! I’d like to nominate myself for having a cool non-Anglo name (like Skatje) that’s even cooler by virtue of being commonly written in a completely different alphabet, and for not trying to capitalize on that meaningless fact in a cheap grab for some unwarranted recognition, and (unlike some people) for not transparently currying favor by name-dropping the daughter of the Bloglord.

    Errrm… On second thought, never mind. 🙂

    I, too, would like to cast a vote for Mr. Diacritical, Torbjorn Larsson, not for any one post but for the overall excellence of his contributions. And his wit. And his cool name. And his hair. I bet he has nice hair.

  3. #3 David Marjanovi?
    April 20, 2007

    Torbjörn (sorry, Americans, but I have an Ö key on the keyboard), and Kseniya for comment 16.

  4. #4 David Marjanovi?
    April 20, 2007

    Torbjörn (sorry, Americans, but I have an Ö key on the keyboard), and Kseniya for comment 16.

  5. #5 Torbjörn Larsson
    April 20, 2007

    [Stands up behind keyboard, bows left and right.] Why, thank you, fans! [Sits down. Grabs coffee glas -its starting to get cold again.]

    This month my vote goes to Greg Laden. He writes interesting comments, he can make us smile, and he has taught us about using f-words.

    even when they’re not in heavy-metal bands

    Zeno, you should polish up on your Venn diagrams! How do you know I’m not in a band?

    (As it happens, I’m not. But I love to move to music so it happens that I listen to HM too. As long as it gets my groove on.)

    we need a bit more info on TL

    More? Um, let’s see, I’ve already mentioned elsewhere about my education and profession for the google-savvy. I can add that as a modern Swedish Swede I don’t wear hat – and it messes with my nice hair.

    This Törbjörñ Lârrrssssöñ character

    Oh, come on, you really wanted to write Thaurghbj@#&!rn Laaargh-sszzonn here. You can as well admit it.

  6. #6 Sastra
    April 20, 2007

    Another vote for Torbjorn Larsson.

    Glen D. has also been pretty darn hot recently (though as I recall he had a bit of a name-calling meltdown in one of the threads.)

    Still, I’ll cast votes for both. Torbjorn looks like a shoe-in, and Glen is a favorite of mine.

  7. #7 Blake Stacey
    April 20, 2007


    Actually, when Blake Stacey won, I had not really discovered him yet. I went and investigated, who is this guy everybody likes? Indeed, he (Blake) is a wonderfully brilliant commenter and deserves to win another 28 Mollies if just for his daily comments this month. Further, I feel that the community would have missed out on quite a bit, if Blake had not won.

    Many thanks. I’m glad to hear that at least one person thinks my post-Molly rambles are as good as my pre-Molly rants!

  8. #8 Blake Stacey, OM
    April 21, 2007


    “Grooming”! What a relief to get away from “framing”! Thank you, Scholar. It’s an excellent choice, too, because “grooming” isn’t a word that many of us need in daily life. For me, for example, it’s a complete non-issue! That’s right: no horses in my bachelor pad.

    I must confess I find myself mildly puzzled. Do you mean that horses come with marriage?

    Re “grooming” in general:

    If I can’t say exactly what I mean in a Pharyngula comment thread, where more than anywhere else on the Net my audience will contain Giant Flame-Spouting Floating Atheist Heads, where can I speak my mind? One should preach to the choir when the choir is present in force!

    If I’m ever hard to follow here, well, I’m happy to take suggestions for improvement — but you should see me elsewhere. For one thing, I don’t use equations at Pharyngula! I don’t even make LaTeX jokes. (It was over at Rosenhouse’s place that I spelled Torbjörn, Torbj\”orn. But Rosenhouse is a mathematician, after all.)

  9. #9 Blake Stacey, OM
    April 21, 2007


    Well, I did grow up in Alabama, where the mud is red, the chicken is fried and the textbooks are disclaimered.

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