One down, two to go

Here are a few — only a few — of the photos from our triumphant day in St Cloud.

This is Alaric trying on those funny academic robes. If he had to wear them every day, like I do, he wouldn’t be laughing so hard. (You do know that we professors wear these things all the time, right?)


Here’s that wonderful instant when President Saigo handed him his cardboard folder with the generic (but magical!) promise of a real, live diploma inside. It’s kind of like Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm, which doesn’t actually contain any ants, but does have a coupon so you can mail off for some.


I know, it’s a horrible picture. They position parents so they can’t possibly get a good shot, so that you’ll have to buy the photos the professional photographer there is selling.

Now look at that personable, cheerful, and good-looking college graduate. You want to give him a job, don’t you? Please?


One of the speakers mentioned that Minnesota will graduate about 33,000 college students this year. That was not something the parents wanted to hear.

Son #2, Connlann, has a few more years to go, and Daughter #1, Skatje, should be done a year or two after that. Then we’re completely free, right? Right?