He told on me! That wicked rat-fink has
reported me to the provost of my university, and now I’m a-tremblin’ in my pajamas. Here’s the text of the letter he claims to have sent in, revealing my perfidy to the administration.

Dear Tom Sullivan, Provost, University of Minnesota,

My name is John A. Davison. I am a retired Professor Emeritus of Biology from the University of Vermont. I earned my Ph.D. in Zoology at the University of Minnesota in 1954. While I am retired, I am still writing papers and engaging in internet discussions concerning the mechanism of organic evolution, a phenomenon I feel is no longer in progress

I have summarized my views in several papers especially in my 2005 paper “A Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis,” which present a viable alternative to the Darwinian mechanism. Naturally, a non Darwinian hypothesis is bound to create controversy and, as expected, my views have not been found to be acceptable to many members of the academic community.

It is in that regard that I want to call your attention to the manner in which I have been treated by a member of your faculty, Professor P.Z. Meyers, Associate Professor of Biology at the Morris campus. In my opinion his forum, ‘Pharyngula,” reflects poorly on his role as a university teacher and scholar. While I have been banned from participation in his forum he has introduced comments, some of them obscene, using my name as the source of said comments. I regard this as the bottom of the intellectual barrel and it is for that reason that I feel compelled to call the matter to your attention It is also a very serious breech of academic protocol and civil discourse. It is my conviction that Meyers should be, at the very least ,severely disciplined if not summarily dismissed based on his continued abuse of those with whom he disagrees. I am by no means the only one that he treats in such a manner His chronic, arrogant behavior reflects very poorly on what I have always regarded as a great University which by coincidence also happens to be my alma mater.

I remain, Sincerely yours,

John A. Davison, Professor Emeritus , University of Vermont

Hmmm. Let’s distill this down a bit.

First two paragraphs: “I am a famous internet crank and crackpot.”

Third paragraph: “P.Z. Meyers is being mean to me. Please fire him.”

Strangely enough, such a compelling and persuasive treatise has so far failed to elicit any thunderbolts from on high. I haven’t received so much as a querulous memo asking, “who is this guy?”, let alone revocation of tenure, summary dismissal, and immediate imprisonment in the Chateau d’If. I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps there is a Dr Meyers somewhere on one of our campuses who is currently baffled at all the administrative hellfire raining down on him; or perhaps I haven’t heard about it because the hapless and totally innocent Dr Meyers was quietly and efficiently terminated, and his bones now lie moldering beneath a goal post at the football stadium.

I’ll be sure to let you all know if I hear anything from anyone in the administration. On the other hand, if the blog suddenly goes silent, you know where to look: Chateau d’If, then the Gopher Stadium.

P.S. I haven’t written any obscene comments about Davison, let alone posted them under his name. I think he has gotten … confused.

I know why I haven’t heard from the administration! Davison forgot to include an important part of his letter:

It is not I who needs to hear from the Provost of the University of Minnesota. It is P.Z. Meyers, the most foul mouthed, base degenerate and miserable excuse for a human being that ever hosted a blog. That such a creature should be influencing our youth in or out of the University classroom or any place else should be unthinkable to any objective investigator of the greatest unsolved mystery in all of biological science. This creature is the bottom of the intellectual barrel and has no business representing any university in any capacity whatsoever. I am confident that The University of Minnesota will see to it that he receives his just rewards for his wholesale rejection of every aspect of what intellectual integrity demands. The man is a text book degenerate and a blight upon the face of academe. I am surprised he has been allowed to go as far as he already has. He has violated every aspect of the one thing that matters most of all, the unhindered search for the truth.

Wow. I think I may bug the poor man a little bit. I haven’t seen a screed like that against me since I last read some of the other scienceblogs here.


  1. #1 Torbjörn Larsson, OM
    May 26, 2007

    Davison’s cunning strategy is to insist on getting banned on all major sites. (“I love it so!”) And a few years later, bitch about it.

    Yeah, never seen that one before.

    his PEH


    “PEH Promotion of Environmental Health (WHO)” ( )?

    Um, no.

    “Profusely Erratic Harangue”?


  2. #2 Torbjörn Larsson, OM
    May 30, 2007

    the Prescribed Evolution Hypothesis (PEH).

    [Sorry for comment delay.] Ah, thank you!

    Guess I didn’t listen to him. :-o

  3. #3 dublin1
    November 22, 2008

    It may be true that the unexamined life is not worth living–but neither is the unlived life worth examining.
    ~ Dan Millman Quotes

    WARNING – The last “blog” of Davison takes FOREVER to load. I have gone there many times never a clinch, maybe you should upgrade your computer?