A name I’d like to see banished to oblivion is that of Paul Hill, the religious fanatic and murderer who gunned down Dr John Britton and James Barrett at an abortion clinic. I don’t care whether you are pro-choice or anti-woman, only the most wretched, insane god-walloper can possibly approve of assassinating health-care providers to protect fetuses. And there can’t be that many of them, can there? And they are going to face universal public censure, right? Cruelly, archy tells me otherwise.

Behold, Paul Hill Days.

A couple of deranged Christian organizations are planning to send their members to Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the end of July to thump about like a gang of gumbies, bellowing about what a good man Paul Hill was. God’s man. A hero. A martyr.

And to crown this exercise in lunacy and poor taste, they’re planning a reenactment of the murders.

I guess the Rev. Phelps and his merry band of haters aren’t quite as uniquely bizarre as I’d thought.

Ick — now the Rev. Donald Spitz has sent McKay a letter, blaming him and people like us for AIDS, rape, murder and robbery, and all kinds of such nastiness, because we don’t believe in Jeeezus. These people are crazy evil; I’m beginning to get a sinister vibe from just the title “Reverend” anymore.


  1. #1 Pedro Timóteo
    June 18, 2007

    I don’t care whether you are pro-choice or anti-woman

    I very much like the term “pro-forced maternity”, thought up by the author of No More Hornets.

  2. #2 David Marjanovi?
    June 18, 2007

    I suppose it would be wrong to load up the organizer’s e-mail inbox with (apparent)messages of solidarity from al Qaeda.

    Something tells me they are not going to sue you for copyright infringement or anything.

    Though I think someone should file a suit for death threats and terrorism.

    I think that Rev. P and his gang don’t believe a word of what they preach. I think they specifically choose to do things where people will violate their rights to protest, so that they can, in turn, sue whoever does this for lots of money. I really do thing he’s goading people into trying to stop him so he can sue them. And he knows that religion is especially protected, so he uses that in his favor.

    I’ve never thought of it, but that sounds very convincing. After all:

    Make money.
    Make more money.
    – L. Ron Hubbard