The Quantum Pontiff

The 11th Annual SQuInT Conference (dude that makes me feel old) will be held in Seattle this year. Seattle is in the southwest because Southwest airline flies here (quick book the direct flights from Albuquerque!) In conjunction with this there will also be a satellite meeting, the Workshop on Integrated Atomic Systems II.

Invited speakers for this years SqUiNt conference include

  • Andrew Childs (Waterloo)
  • Luming Duan (Michigan)
  • Jack Harris (Yale)
  • Chris Monroe (Maryland)
  • Barbara Terhal (IBM)
  • David Weiss (Penn. State)

    Yes, for those of you unawares of the SqUinT tradition, that is a list that includes both theorists and experimentalists. I know, I know, such anti-specialist blasphemy.

    Some deadlines:

    Abstracts for Talks and Posters are due November 26, 2008.

    Registration and Payment Deadline is December 12, 2008.

    Hotel Reservations Deadline is January 19, 2009.

    For those form outside the SquInT network who would like to contribute, you should contact Ivan Deutsch to see if we can accommodate your request (instructions here.)


    1. #1 Ian Durham
      November 10, 2008

      Seattle is in the southwest because Southwest airline flies here

      Apparently, then, so is Manchester, New Hampshire.

    2. #2 Kaveh
      November 12, 2008

      I was about to say the same thing Ian!

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