The Quantum Pontiff

Quantum Bacon Pontiff

Every wonder what “The Quantum Pontiff” looks like with a side of Bacon? Me neither. But now you can thanks to The Quantum Pontiff with a side of Bacon.

Simultaneous (at least in my reference frame) hat tip to Matt and Jacob.


  1. #2 Dave Bacon
    March 16, 2009

    Funny thing is someone else sent me that link and then later I noticed your comment caught in the spam filter and approved it. Hat tips added.

  2. #3 Matt Leifer
    March 17, 2009

    Long links or too many links in the same comment will trigger the spam filter. Same thing has happened to a comment I wrote on the ScribTeX post, which contains information that might be relevant to work, rather than bacon-related frivolities. Perhaps you can white-list me. You can always turn it of when I start writing actual spam.

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