Picture Contest Winner

Some time back, I proposed a contest:

The person who comes closest to the actual number [of pictures taken in Japan] without going over will win something cheap and tacky from Japan that I will buy before I leave.

I haven’t fogotten about this, I’ve just been too busy to do all that much with the pictures. But we do have a winner, of this priceless artifact:


The total number of pictures I took on the trip was 1,508 (or, at least, that’s the total number I ended up with– I distinctly remember taking some pictures at one temple in northwest Kyoto, but they’re not on either of the memory cards I used, which is exceedingly annoying). The winner of the contest is frequent commenter “cisko,” who had a good and nerdy reason for choosing his guess:


I suspect your rate will go down considerably when you start the con, since you’ll be more of a participant and less of a tourist.

I was going to guess 1500, but decided to go with the closest prime instead… and that’s a cute one anyway.

Congratulations, cisko. Email me (orzelc at steelypips dot org) with a mailing address, and I’ll send you your glow-in-the-dark Great Buddha keychain…


  1. #1 cisko
    September 24, 2007

    Wow! I’m giddy!

    It’ll go perfectly next to my light-up pig keychain.

    Of course, now I fully expect a Landis-like revocation when the missing photos are found. I’d better find a lawyer.

  2. #2 cisko
    September 24, 2007

    And most importantly: Thanks Chad!

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