I’m off to the 39th meeting of DAMOP, the division of the American Physical Society for people who do the really cool stuff involving whole atoms and lasers. I’ve queued up a few things so that the site won’t go dark, and the hotel web page promises high-speed Internet, so I may even do a bit of on-site blogging.

Or I may not. The program looks like it will keep me fairly busy. We’ll see how things play out. Whether I blog it or not, the meeting is always a kick, and will be a lovely break from intro E&M.

Anyway, you all behave while I’m gone. Walk the dog, water the plants, and don’t try putting water in the liquor bottles to disguise how much you drank. That never works.


  1. #1 mikegruey@yahoo.com
    May 30, 2008

    uh-hem… water in the liquor bottles does to work… my ‘ol man never caught on

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