September 12, 2009

I almost forgot about yesterday’s anniversary– I didn’t think of it at all until the fulsome tribute before Thursday night’s football game. I actually waffled for a bit about whether to put up the annual moment-of-silence post. It’s been eight years, everybody’s concerns have shifted to other things, and September 11, 2001 doesn’t loom quite as large as it did a few years ago.

I decided to go with it, though, for the same reasons as always. How long will I keep doing this yearly? Probably until this stops making me cry. Gonna be a few years yet…

Screw this depressing stuff. Here’s a happy picture:


It’s good to be reminded that there’s always something new and fun to run toward…

Have a nice weekend.


  1. #1 Roman
    September 12, 2009

    As a poem it is worse, but I felt the one you’ve linked to wouldn’t be full without this one.

  2. #2 RichardX
    September 12, 2009

    Actually, wasn’t the sentiment at the time to continue to live our lives? Don’t let the bad guys stop our way of life? This post is just fine then.

    Screw this depressing stuff.

    Exactly. Live on.

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