“Hey, dude, whatcha doin’?”

“I’m making dinner.”

“Yeah? What are you guys having?”

“Well, since the book was published today, we’re having a couple of nice steaks to celebrate.”

“Just a couple?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“Well, you might remember, I had something to do with the book…”

“It’d be hard to forget.”

“So, I should get steak, too. Right?”

“Why do you think your bowl is up on the counter?”


“Oooooh! I get steak! Steaksteaksteaksteaksteak!”


“Okay, I’m done. Can I have some more?”


  1. #1 Romeo Vitelli
    December 22, 2009

    Careful, Emmy might end up expecting steak every time you write a book.

  2. #2 Chad Orzel
    December 22, 2009

    When and if we do another talking-to-the-dog physics book, I’ll be happy to give her more steak…

  3. #3 Tony P
    December 22, 2009

    I had to chuckle at this one. I love how dog owners get all in their dogs head when it comes to food.

  4. #4 Kenneth G. Cavness
    December 22, 2009

    That’s nicely seared steak, by the way!

  5. #6 Electric Landlady
    December 23, 2009

    Lucky Emmy!

    And, although it’s a little late, congrats on book publication day! Very exciting!

    And by the way, have you seen this?

  6. #7 Chad Orzel
    December 23, 2009

    That New Scientist review is awesome. Very cool. I hadn’t seen that before, but I’m glad I did. Thanks for the link.

  7. #8 ChicagoMolly
    December 24, 2009

    Congratulations! I’m the designated Science Geek at our bookstore (one of the Big Bookchains Beginning with B) so I’m browsing the book on lunchbreaks until payday. It really reads nicely, and your co-author is a cutie! I just wish it had been published a couple weeks ago so I’d have more time to talk it up to customers before this holiday thing that’s coming up.

    One thing I’m hoping for is to get an answer to what I’m afraid is one of the Top Ten Naive Questions on Quantum Stuff: How do you get wavelengths out of a particle? I mean, when you say that light waves have a frequency, that seems obvious, doesn’t it? But somehow, when you say that a photon has a frequency or a wavelength it just gives me brain-freeze and I fall over in a whimpery little heap. How does a particle wave, anyway? Sigh. This is why I never became a physicist.

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