i-1e8ca3d6f1057cdc4f9532702467bc29-sm_cover_draft_atom.jpgThe Barnes and Noble store finder finally indicated the presence of copies in the local stores yesterday, so we made a trip down to the Colonie Center, where they had a half-dozen face out in the Physics section, and probably 15-20 on the new releases table. Woo-hoo!

(Now I can shift to fretting that they’ve got too many in the local stores, and will end up returning most of them…)

Anyway, if you’re in the Albany area, and want a copy, they have them in Barnes and Noble now.

Miscellaneous other items:

I’m doing a radio interview tomorrow (about which more later), and another on Wednesday. This is assuming that my incipient sore throat doesn’t completely destroy my voice, of course…


  1. #1 Electric Landlady
    January 18, 2010

    What, no pictures?

    (My copy from Amazon.ca arrived on Friday. Yay!)

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