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World’s Fair Puzzle Cracked?

So, I was very intrigued by the little puzzle going on at the World’s Fair. I was quite dubious that I would be able to crack it, but I’d like to propose a theory that may be atleast partially correct. If not, there’s a lot of good coincidences.

Unifying theme? Things that occured in 1962.

The fish: In 1962 the US Toro (which is a name used for cowfish) made it’s 11,000th dive while off Long Island

The cow: The 1962 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was to John Cowdry Kendrew

Elvis: The movie depicted the Seattle World Fair which occured in 1962

The novel exerpt: The child suffered from polio—the vaccine for polio was discovered in 1962

The blackbirds: The first flight of the SR-71 Blackbird’s predecessor (A-12 Oxcart) occured in 1962

Just a guess. 🙂