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Drunk Man Bites Panda, Tussle Ensues

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What happens when a Chinese man drinks 4 jugs of grog and decides to jump into a panda pen at the Beijng Zoo? Well, a tussle of course, and I’ll let you read who got the worst of it.

The Beijing Youth Daily quoted Zhang as saying that he had seen pandas on television and “they seemed to get along well with people.”

“No one ever said they would bite people,” Zhang said. “I just wanted to touch it. I was so dizzy from the beer. I don’t remember much.”

“He felt a sudden urge to touch the panda with his hand,” and jumped into the enclosure, the newspaper said.

The panda, who was asleep, was startled and bit Zhang, 35, on the right leg, it said. Zhang got angry and kicked the panda, who then bit his other leg. A tussle ensued, the paper said.

(Hat tip, Mike)


  1. #1 AG
    September 20, 2006

    Very funny. Crazy things keep coming up in China. A German guy dressed as terracotta soldier also jumped in the pit in xi an. He had later been carried out by police.

  2. #2 Joseph j7uy5
    September 20, 2006

    Just because they LOOK harmless doesn’t mean they are. Just look at Ann Coulter. Of course, it would take a lot more than 4 jugs of grog to get me to jump into a pen with her.

  3. #3 Edmund
    October 23, 2006

    Wait, I was expecting to read about a panda being bitten by a Chinese man.

    Or was the post’s title just a pun in the spirit of “Take me drunk, I’m home” drunkspeak?

  4. #4 Edmund
    October 23, 2006

    The article no longer exists on Yahoo, which I reckon is where the panda-biting is documented in all its glorious detail.

  5. #5 gary
    August 6, 2007

    you are the sexiest scientist on earth!!!

    Thank GOD I got to know you!

  6. #6 film izle
    October 29, 2008

    Very funny.

  7. #7 Meg
    December 11, 2009

    if you startle a giant bear, what do you expect, there is a dangerous aspect to awakening a PERSON from a deep slumber..let alone a bear with great force behind it. he deserved it.

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